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Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic Review

Released by Silver Lining Music

Release Date: January 24th,2020

Genre: Thrash Metal



Jeff Waters – Guitars, Vocals

Aaron Homma – Guitars

Fabio Alessandrini – Drums

Rich Hinks – Bass



1. Armed To The Teeth

2. The Attitude

3. Psycho Ward

4. I Am Warfare

5. Out With The Garbage

6. Dressed Up For Evil

7. Riot

8. One Wrong Move

9. Lip Service

10. The End Of The Lie


Canadian band Annihilator is back with their seventeenth studio release “Ballistic, Sadistic”. The project of Jeff Waters has been through many lineup changes during their over thirty years of activity, but this hasn’t stopped the legendary musician from creating great quality music. Although Waters is known as the composer of legendary albums like “Alice In Hell” and “Never, Neverland”, the latest efforts of the band have been following the same pattern, a hybrid of thrash and heavy metal music in combination with old school production and modern technology gear.
The group has shown line-up stability in the last four years: the three highly talented musicians which surround Jeff Waters have been participating in the writing process of the latest two records, giving the image of a consistent band instead of a one man’s project. The new album features Waters as the main vocalist along with some great guitar work, a real piece of cake for a musician of this caliber. The successor of “For The Demented” includes some interesting compositions and mostly shows that the group is the first to enjoy making and playing their music.

Undoubtedly, Annihilator is one of the classic thrash metal bands which still keep flying the flag after more than three decades of a successful music career. Although “For The Demented” has been composed mainly by Waters and British bassist Rich Hinks, there is a return to the old school way of writing music in this new record, where Waters has written guitar riffs based on drum patterns created by the Italian amazing drummer Fabio Alessandrini. The North-American band has given birth to ten great new tracks with interesting twists of rhythm and intensity in their melodies. There is no doubt about the technical abilities of the team, but the guitar work on these songs necessarily needs a special mention: there are surgically precise riffs, complicated solos sustained by devastating drum parts and impressive bass lines. For what about the vocals are concerned, the Canadian frontman puts all his energy, attitude and personality into getting the job done most effectively.

“Armed To The Teeth” is a fierce opening track that features the album title in the lyrics. It’s a perfect start for a record full of anger, potency, including highly technical riffs and interesting guitar solos. “The Attitude” starts with a mid-paced intro but soon it’s transformed into a fast and fierce thrash track. The following “Psycho Ward” has a groove style with a catchy chorus and entertaining classic metal solo and some of the most “evil” lyrics ever written by Waters: who doesn’t know a person that wants to see dead? A heavy track loaded with many riffs, but also a bit chaotic is the first single “I Am Warfare”, but “Out With The Garbage” gives another twist to the album: even if it’s mainly dominated by the guitar work, it features some extended highly precise instrumental sections.

“Dressed Up For Evil” starts with a thunderous thrash attack style and a memorable chorus, but it also includes some amazing tempo twists, slower sections and a groove solo at the bridge. Moreover, “Riot” makes some real damage with the anger delivered by the vocals and the imponent drumming. “One Wrong Move” keeps up the great job with the engine at full speed including a slow instrumental part at the verse. “Lip Service” could be considered a more entertaining song with a groove sound, which gives space to the ultimate thrash bullet “The End Of The Lie”.
“Ballistic, Sadistic” is a top-notch thrash metal record, a real joy for the fans of the genre.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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