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The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic Review

Nuclear Blast Records

February 28, 2020


Line Up:

Björn Strid | lead vocals

David Andersson | guitar

Sharlee D’Angelo | bass

Sebastian Forslund | guitar, percussion, special FX

Jonas Källsbäck | drums

Anna-Mia Bonde | backing vocals

Anna Brygård | backing vocals



1. Servants Of The Air
2. Divinyls
3. If Tonight Is Our Only Chance
4. This Boy’s Last Summer
5. Curves
6. Transmissions
7. Aeromantic
8. Golden Swansdown
9. Taurus
10. Carmencita Seven
11. Sister Mercurial
12. Dead Of Winter
13. City Lights And Moonbeams



Note to self: When you see people whose musical opinions you respect talking about a band, immediately check them out. I’ve seen people talk about The Night Flight Orchestra for many years now, but it wasn’t until they were on their fourth release, Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough, that I gave them a spin. They instantly became one of my new favorite bands. Anyone and I mean ANYONE, that questions the skills and abilities of Death Metal musicians and being able to construct melodic music outside of melodic Death Metal, need only check out NFO. I still think that it’s funny that guys from heavy bands like Soilwork and Arch Enemy have created a brilliant band as NFO. Now on the cusp of releasing their fifth album, Night Flight Orchestra are prepared to take you to the next level of the relationship.

Aeromantic is a brilliant album of classic sounding 70’s AOR rock, verging at times in the realm of Yacht Rock with a metal edge and disco backbeat, that any fan of the band should expect. Unlike bands that seem to be taking the piss out of certain genres (Steel Panther and The Darkness namely) Night Flight Orchestra finely craft amazing songs to be taken seriously even with tongue firmly planted in cheek. It is hard to imagine a band that sounds equal parts ELO, Abba, and K.C. and the Sunshine Band can find their own niche in the Hard Rock/Metal world, but NFO has done the seemingly impossible. You can’t deny the catchy brilliance of a song like “Carmencita Seven,” the synth propelled Pop of “City Lights and Moonbeams” to the majestic rock pageantry of “Servants of the Air.” You have a band that has no shame in having fun making incredibly catchy and melodic music that drives into your brain and refuses to leave.

I’m sure there are crusty true cult metalheads out there that would refuse to give The Night Flight Orchestra their just desserts. They can stick with their piss poor produced, obscure music. I’d much rather have my spirits lifted by a band whose music is all about making their fans smile and have a good time while appreciating a style of music most Metal fans secretly love anyway. Wear it loud and proud dammit! I love, love, love this band and Aeromantic.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10

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