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Danny Vaughn – Myths, Legends & Lies, Review

Release Date: Out Now
Label: Townsend Music
Genre: Classic Rock

1. The Shadow of King John
2. Man or Machine
3. The Missouri Kid
4. The Good Life
5. The Last Ride of The Sunset Men
6. Black Crow
7. Monkeys with Money and Guns
8. Point the Way
9. Deep Water
10. Kelly’s Gone
11. Something I picked Up Along the Way
12. Time Out of Mind
13. Seven Bells
14. What You Left Behind

Because of how much I loved Tyketto in my youth, I was more than ready to review this album when I was asked. But …. this was not at all what I was expecting, the Danny I know sings his way through ‘Forever Young’ and still heads the band who originated in the 1980’s on the rock circuit today, he does not give us an offering such as this? Oh yes, he does …and it works pretty darn well!
‘The Shadow of King John’ had me mentally whisked away to a cosy Irish pub enjoying a good singalong over a pint of Guinness. But this does not sound forced or themed, I found it to be light-hearted, happy and rather refreshing … just like that certain black and white beverage.

More folky treats ensue and it is clear why the title of this album is Myths, Legends & Lies. ‘Man or Machine’ is a fine reminder as to why we love the vocal quality of this hardworking singer. Clear, concise and a pleasure to close your eyes and listen to as always.

The mix of this album is interesting and if ‘Myths, Legends & Lies’ was your cocktail of choice at the Danny Vaughn Bar of Groovetasticness, it would be concocted of 1-part blues, 1-part Irish folk with a twist of Americana and jazz infused salt around the rim of the glass.

A fine example of this beautiful blend of ear candy, is with ‘The Good Life’ which has the perfect mix of violin, blues guitar and keyboard bringing this (one of my favourite) tracks to life. Whilst the country inspired ‘The Last Ride of The Sunset Men’ … has wonderfully uplifting musicianship running alongside the vocals.

If Mr Tarantino needs an atmospheric track for one of his next films, then ‘Black Crow’ is surely the perfect fit. It is superbly eerie and beautiful at the same time.

The prize for the best title has to go to ‘Monkeys with Money & Guns’, a tongue in cheek rascal of a tune and hip in its funky blues-ness. And if you want a slice of ‘Hey Big Spender’, high kicking jollity, look no further than ‘Deep Water’ brought together with a superb chorus and hard-hitting brass section.

‘Kelly’s Gone’ has an aroma of old school Bon Jovi faintly in the background, whilst the remainder of the album is softer and gently brings ‘Myths, Legends & Lies’ to close ending with ‘What You Left Behind’ which has folk style guitar which is beautiful in its simplicity.

After, what I must admit was a bit of shock, this was not what I was expecting… I really, really warmed to this album and found it seeping right in to my soul.

The mix of blues guitar, keyboards, strings and superb backing singers and of course lead vocals from Danny really make sure that you hear something different each time you play this album.

It is one of those offerings which you will find automatically gets picked as one of your favourites to play time and time again.

SCORE: 9 out of 10

REVIEWER: Francijn Suermondt

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