Live Gig Photos

Tesla with Bad Marriage and Foundry live at Mars Music Hall, Huntsville, AL on February 19th, 2020

Photos by: Julius Richardson

Words by: Shadow Editor



The band Tesla is one of those Hard Rock bands that had fair amount of success in the 80’s an d 90’s by making memorable tunes that got plenty of radio play. Although even though the guys had their share of ups and downs, some still feel that they are truly one of the most underrated bands of the 80’s. With a super melodious rhythm section, the fervent guitar playing of Frank Hanon, and the raspy trademark voice of Jeff Keith, they cemented their place in Classic Rock lore.

As the happening is right now in Huntsville, with new venues and more to be build bringing in hot bands, we anxiously awaited Tesla on their Shock Tour hitting the Mars Music Hall with yet another hot act coming through town.

The guys brought forward a couple openers as well, and to my surprise I had no idea who the opening band was until the singer started belting out some hooks. I remembered the voice, sounded familiar, and then to my damn surprise, it’ was Mark freaking Boals!!! I was right interview later to prove it with his new band called Foundry, Vegas based and compiling members from LA Guns and Adelitas Way to boot, they provided the hungry crowd with a nice warm up for Tesla later on. Good to hear Boals live after being a fan of is progressive stuff through the years, mainly in Royal Hunt, Malmsteen and Ring of Fire but in this band his sound is very versatile and it’s great mix of Hard Rock and Metal, very unique something they can call their own. Check out our interview with the guys for more insight and check them out as potential is brewing there.

Next up was Boston’s Hard Rockers Bad Marriage. These guys are all thrills and hooks as they take the stage. Good stage presence from singer Jon Pacquin, and guitar player Ian Haggerty looks like Slash’s little brother with look truly inspired by the legend. I wasn’t as familiar with these guys, but they peaked my interest enough to check out more of their work after the gig.

Tesla was just around the corner as the production crew got gear ready, it was almost time to Rock out. It’s hard not to get yourself sucked into their sound, as classic cuts like “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Lazy Days, Crazy Nights” are presented in the flesh. Top notch production, great chemistry between all band members are displayed here tonight. One of my favorites cuts comes via “Song and Emotion”, as Jeff Keith’s vocals sound smooth as ice, and the axe work is always powerful. How about that double neck guitar from Hanon? a real beauty.

The guys are supporting  their classic Five Man Acoustical Jam  via a new live record titled “‘FIVE MAN LONDON JAM” and they played a couple tunes from there. This live album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

Pretty soon the night races through and winds down in the end as “Love Song” and “Signs’ close the night and leave plenty of concert goers and long time fans hungry for more. Another weekday gig that was surely worth it, and get ready Huntsville because it looks like a busy summer that has plenty of more coming to town. Don’t miss the chance to get out and catch some of the acoustics at Mars Music Hall. Until next time, Rock Out!!!

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