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Khymera – Master of Illusions Review

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release: 6 March 2020



Vocals and Bass – Dennis Ward

Guitars – Michael Klein

Keyboards – Eric Ragno

Drums – Pete Newdeck



Walk Away
The First Time
Master Of Illusions
The Sun Goes Down
The Rhythm Of My Life
Follow The Sun
Father To Son
After All This Time
Victim Of Your Love
Just Let It Happen



If you’re unfamiliar with the band Khymera, then you’re missing out on some standout melodic rock. It’s a revolving door project that has now released five albums of some amazingly hooky and melodic songs. Starting with 2003’s s/t debut featuring former Kansas singer Steve Walsh to the Dennis Ward fronted version for the next four releases including the new one, Master of Illusion. Ward is known for his work with Magnum and Pink Cream 69, both well-known acts in the Hard Rock world. Khymera leans much more towards the Melodic Hard Rock/AOR realm, though I feel like they really homed in on their sound with The Grand Design in 2015.

Master of Illusion sees Khymera following the same path as The Grand Design. Big chorus’/gang vocals, 80’s infused keyboard hooks, uber melodic guitar lines, and a strong voice pounding out instantly memorable songs. Master of Illusion takes the listener back to the old days where this music dominated radio yet doesn’t have that trapped in the 80’s sound. I’ve always enjoyed their output, but I’m feeling like this is their best album thus far. I found myself several times humming the songs while doing other stuff, and that’s always a great sign. Songs like “Just Let It Happen,” “Walk Away,” “Father To Son,” and “Follow the Sun” are the highlights of an album filled with great tracks.

I love it when a good band gets even better. Khymera has shown immense growth and development from its beginnings. Master of Illusion is an album they should be proud of. Perhaps this is the album where the project becomes a band? There are so many outstanding moments on this one, and the chemistry is clear from the performances.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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