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One Desire – Midnight Empire Review

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release: 22 May 2020



Jimmy Westerlund – guitars

André Linman – lead vocals

Ossi Sivula – drums

Jonas Kuhlberg – bass guitar



Down And Dirty
Godsent Extasy
Through The Fire
After You’ve Gone (Separate Ways)
Killer Queen
?Was It Love?
Battlefield Of Love


I was late to the game back in 2017 when I reviewed the debut album from One Desire. So much so I apologized to them for missing out on their massive debut. It is still an album I spin frequently as it is such an amazing CD- melodic perfection. When I saw they were coming back with their follow-up, I vowed I would not dawdle in spreading the word about it. Of course, would the songs contained on the new album be worthy? Were they going to be destroyed by the sophomore curse, after making such an impactful introduction to the world? Let’s spin it and see, shall we?

From the very start of Midnight Empire, you know, without a doubt, One Desire was not a band blessed with a fluke album. As each track moved from one to the next, I realized that they managed to not only equal the debut, but in many ways surpass it. This is what modern Melodic Hard Rock should sound like. Like some of their contemporaries (Work of Art, Eclipse, etc.) they are raising the bar of melodic music in the 21st century. Just when you think this genre may be taking its last breath, it is injected with top notch music from young blood musicians to give it the kick in the ass it needs. Tracks like “Down and Dirty,” “Heroes,” and “Only When I Breathe” show a band who can do rockers and ballads with equal brilliance.

During this crazy pandemic we’re experiencing right now around the globe it’s the right time for some more kick ass, feel good music. One Desire has returned to the forefront of melodic music, kicking the sophomore curse right in the face, proving the level of skill they have for writing some amazing songs. Midnight Empire takes what they started with the s/t debut and took it to the next level. This is a top contender for Album of the Year for me.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 10/10


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