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Rekuiem – Time Will Tell Review

Dissonance Productions

Release: 13 March 2020


Line Up:

Gordon Denny Bass
Steve Slater Guitars
Karl Wilcox Drums
Paul Parry Vocals



Time Will Tell
Black Death
In Your Keeping
Angel Of Sin
Sacrificial Wanderer
Death Row



When you get down to it, you will likely never be able to know and listen to every single band you want to. I own a shit ton of music, some of which I have never gotten the chance to spin yet. My locker at work is a treasure trove of my latest acquisitions, adding more and more all the time. I know that at some point I will make my way through them, but no time soon. It’s the same way with the music I’m sent to review. I wonder how many bands I have bypassed to write about the ones I’ve written about. Have I missed some hidden gems over the years? I guarantee I have. On the subject of hidden gems, Dissonance Records has released an NWOBHM album by a band I’d never heard of but realized upon my first spin I needed in my life.

They’re called Rekuiem (formerly called Requiem.) They released a single in the early heyday of NWOBHM, then promptly disbanded. I’d never heard of them until the promo crossed my (computer) desk. The album, Time Will Tell, is a collection of new tracks and re-recordings of the early single and I was pretty taken by it. It’s nothing super fancy or groundbreaking, I wouldn’t even consider them to be one of the best of the genre, but there was something inescapably haunting about the album that captured my attention. Part of it is the voice of Paul Parry, which was the first thing that caught my ears. It’s a very strong, rich voice that isn’t necessarily soaring in range, but so immense. The songs are mostly simplistic, but it’s within that simplicity that makes you take heed. From the doomy “Time Will Tell” to the catchy “Nightmare” to the epic “Sacrificial Wanderer” to the unique take on the Sabbath classic “Paranoid” Rekuiem demonstrates that a band doesn’t have to be flashy to make an impact.

Time Will Tell by Rekuiem quickly became an album I have to add to my collection. There was something about it that I connected with from the first listen and stuck with me long after the most recent spin. This is just a damn fine Metal album, meat and potatoes music that you can just sit back and listen to for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’d love to hear even more from Rekuiem if it’s half as good as this offering.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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