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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The Beatflux debut single ‘Bleeding Myself’ is heavy on 90’s grunge and whilst embracing 70’s rock

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The Beatflux – ‘Bleeding Myself’



The Beatflux released their debut single ‘Bleeding Myself’ via all digital platforms on March 31st and My Global Mind is proud to present the innovative animated lyric video to accompany it.

The track is an up tempo, fast-paced guitar driven assault to the senses, which could sit perfectly beside their peers Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Stone temple Pilots.

The band is a brand new global music project designed by London-based Muca, with his Brazilian rockers ‘The Beatflux’. Grounded on heavy 90’s grunge and 70’s rock style, the track features Jean Dolabella (Sepultura, Ego Kill Talent) on drums.

Muca is the mastermind behind this project. Guitarist, music producer, mixing engineer, and radio host, he used all his experience to develop this project, and hand-picked the right bandmates for this one.
“I’ve been writing songs for a long time now, and never had the chance to put it out there. I then had an idea to release a one-off heavy track. I invited my friends and incredibly talented musicians Enrico Minelli on vocals,
Jean Dolabella on drums and Pereira on bass to record this song. We recorded the rhythm section at ‘Family Mob Studios’ in São Paulo, Brazil, Dolabella’s studio. I then finalised the overdubs and mixing at The Secret Warehouse of Sound, my studio in Hackney, London.

Muca adds;

“After recording the rhythmic section, everyone was excited to hear the final results. When I mixed and mastered the track, before releasing it, I decided to show to some industry people. They all came with that, this song is really powerful and great, so, what’s next? And I was like, well, this is a one-off song only, I’m quite happy with it and the guys are all in Brazil, so would be hard to get something going. And every single person said. If you have more good songs like that, you really need to record more tracks as this project is great and has great potential.’

The animated lyric video and concept was designed by Muca and Zak Múller.


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