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Medusa – ‘In Bed with Medusa’ 10 songs in 4 days working with Steve Albini

Medusa have just released their fourth album ‘In Bed with Medusa’ which was recorded by Steve Albini (the guy who controversially recorded Nirvana’s album In Utero, as well as Pixies, The Breeders, PJ Harvey, The Stooges, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page etc)

It was recorded in December, in Chicago at Steve Albini’s studio Electrical Audio [in Studio B while Kim Deal from Pixies and The Breeders was recording new Breeders material in Studio A, whom we met]. It is a much darker and rawer album than the last Medusa album, released in 2014.

It was recorded in only 4 days studio time for 10 songs, [December 1st – 4th 2019] and there wasn’t time to record all 10 tracks, so the 2 acoustic songs were recorded in Transylvania in mid-January, just last month. They were intended to be acoustic anyway and different from the rest of the album so a 4-track home studio acquired, that uses tape and they were recorded using a classical guitar in a hotel room overlooking Bran Castle, known as Dracula’s Castle, in Transylvania.

In the band’s struggle to find a new drummer, at the last minute they used Snell, the drummer from Towers of London whom also has been in The Prodigy, and Day 21 [which had Jimmy Pursey, the singer from Sham 69 on vocals].

After being put in touch by Ed Graham, the drummer from The Darkness. Half of one of the music videos has already been filmed, for the song ‘River Phoenix’, last year in Hollywood, including having a drone flown over the Hollywood sign and miming vocals outside the Viper Room of Sunset Boulevard, which is where River Phoenix famously collapsed, before dying.

Film crews followed the band from rehearsals in London and the album cover photo shoot to recording in Chicago and Transylvania, and mastering for a short black and white documentary that will be released in a month or two, about the recording of the album. It was mastered only a week ago by John Webber at Air Studios, London whom is taking care of all the David Bowie remasters currently and the master tapes to Bowie’s album Black Tie, White Noise were on a chair in the studio while John was mastering it.

It was released immediately after completion (22nd Feb). It is available on all the streaming and download sites.


Julian Molinero – Guitar/Vocals
Snell – Drums
Kotaro Suzuki – Bass






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