Restive Nation - Coma

Restive Nation release new single “Coma”

‘Coma’ is the lead single from Restive Nation‘s upcoming 2nd EP entitled Lucidum out June 2020. It is the band’s first release featuring Tony Carberry on vocals. The track’s influences are rooted in Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park and Tool. The lyrics revolve around themes of suicidal thoughts and the many masks the victim wears in modern day society, the lies we tell ourselves in our subconscious when experiencing a mental health crisis and stepping out on the edge into the unknown. The lyrics and music are extremely intertwined and both help convey the daily conflict people can face deep inside their mind. The contrasts and dynamics help convey the inner turmoil one can experience when dealing with dark thoughts.

Check it out right now:

Restive Nation are a 7-piece alt-rock/electronic crossover collective from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in 2014 after witnessing a mind-blowing Nine Inch Nails show, a group of 4 musicians felt compelled to form an industrial style heavy rock band. After spending months searching for a vocalist to no avail, they decided to do the unthinkable – to have guest vocalists collaborate on different tracks to complement their expanding sound. Through 2016 and 2017 they gigged extensively. The quartet then became a trio and released 4 well received singles, each completely different from the last owing to collaborations with diverse vocalists; from the tribal infused eastern tones of ‘It’s Just a Skull…’ (feat. Siobhán Kavanagh), to the ambient grunge of ‘The Nihilist’ (feat. Dave Byrd), then leap into the complex progressive wormhole of ‘Cliff’s Edge’ (feat. Atmahead) and land yourself in the thick of it with the contemplative brooding ‘Murmur’ (feat. Dave Lee), it seemed that no territory was untraversable for Restive Nation.

Restive Nation

2018 witnessed the band breaking new ground with their first ever music video for ‘The Future’ followed by the release of their debut EP ‘We Atrophy’. The EP showcased some extremely promising potential and featured an array of different guest voices as well as instrumental tracks.

In late 2018 the band reached new heights with their rendition of Mike Oldfield’s intro to ‘Tubular Bells’ complete with a hilarious parody video of ‘The Exorcist’. Timed perfectly, ‘The Exorcist Theme’ was chosen by Hotpress as their ‘track of the day’ on Halloween. The band finished out the year in triumph with their first high-profile gig: opening for Mortiis. 2019-2020 has seen the line-up swell from a trio to a septet with the inclusion of a synth player and 3 permanent vocalists.

With this new line-up they have completed their 2nd EP entitled ‘Lucidum’ due out in June 2020.

Restive Nation are:
Chris Cahill – Guitar / Sound Design
Ciarán Timmy Lynch – Bass
Ben Thonett – Synth
Cion O’Callaghan – Drums
Tony Carberry – Vocals
Pawney – Vocals
John Atmahead – Vocals


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