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Wicked Smile – Delirium EP Review

Out July 1, 2020


Line Up:

Danny Cecati – vocals
Stevie Janevski – guitars

Additional musicians :
Paul Laine – bass & backing vocals
T B R – drums
Produced by Paul Laine, 2020
Mastered by Bruno Ravel

Track order :

1. We Fall
2. Stronger
3. Love’s Got A Hold On You
4. Daze Of Delirium



As I’ve stated many times, I typically avoid writing about EP’s unless they offer something immensely powerful and interesting, which is exactly what the guys in Wicked Smile have done with this EP. Going from the time I received the promo (sorry for the delay Steve) Wicked Smile consisted of two guys, Steve Janeveski capably handling the guitar duties and Danny Cecati supplying the voice. Both men have been around the business a while and have made great names for themselves, but it is the coming together of the two that takes their talents and skills to the next level. Musically Wicked Smile encapsulates the perfect melding of blazing, guitar-heavy Metal with the melodic stylings of a great AOR band. Imagine Danger Danger playing Primal Fear. As for the mention of D2 Bass, Backing Vocals, Production, and a couple of songwriting credits fell to former D2 singer Paul Laine (currently of The Defiants.) The tracks are mostly straight forward, in-your-face rockers. There’s not a weak moment through this twenty-plus minute tour de force.

Wicked Smile’s Delirium EP is hopefully just a small taste of what they have ahead for them. I’m looking forward to a full release (the sooner the better.) The duo has already started generating some good words in the music world, which is a testament to the quality of the music contained here. Wicked Smile certainly has some tremendous potential, so here’s hoping they can maintain this level of awesome moving forward!



Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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