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Emmure – Hindsight review

Genre: Deathcore, metalcore and nu metal

Label: SharpTone Records

Release date: Out Now

Band members:-

Frankie Palmeri – Vocals

Joshua Travis – Guitars, Programming

Josh ‘Baby J’ Miller – Drums

Nicholas Pyatt



1) (F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing
2) Trash Folder

3) Pigs Ear

4) Gypsy Disco

5) I’ve Scene God

6) Persona Non Grata

7) Thunder Mouth

8) Pan’s Dream

9) 203

10) Informal Butterflies

11) Action 52

12) Bastard Ritual

13) Uncontrollable Descent


Emmure have been no strangers to controversy throughout their 17 year career, with t-shirt designs, lyrics and attitude displayed, among many other incidents that have caught the attention through the media.  However, 2020 sees the release of their eighth album ‘Hindsight’ and this will further heighten the reputation of the band known for their signature sound which bounces between, deathcore, metalcore and nu metal.

Opening track ‘(F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing’ sets the tone for the sheer diversity within the song.  The nu metal influences really shine through, punctuated with punishing breakdowns, rapping, Jonathan Davis-inspired whispering and death growls, and a cameo by Stephen Hawking at the end!  The solid opening riff laying a great foundation for the rhythm section to work around.  Crowds will be bouncing to this tune!

‘Trash Folder’ continues the nu metal direction but the exaggerations within the song are far more pronounced than anything nu metal offered.  As such, whilst you can clearly hear the Korn and Limp Bizkit influence, this is unmistakably Emmure.  The mazy riffs proving an easy foil to Palmeri’s ever-changing vocal styles throughout the song.  The punishing drumming from Baby J, this time a more prominent feature.

On October 31st, 2019, Emmure released first single, ‘Pigs Ear’, another fine example of their signature sound and the deathcore style coursing through.  There’s nothing like an angry slab of deathcore to set the pulse racing!

‘Gypsy Disco’ the second single to be lifted from ‘Hindsight’, released on March 13th 2020, could easily be an amalgam of all of the best that nu metal could offer mixed up in a suitably robust cauldron.  A critique of the relative poverty that musicians usually find themselves in, this song delivers a sliding riff and a brutal, relentless kick drum.

Fourth single, released on June 12th, ‘I’ve Scene God’, sees Palmeri’s vocal performance as more pronounced as he unleashes more impassioned death growls on this introspective into religion.



‘Persona Non Grata’, brings through a massive influence from the best Slipknot album, where Corey Taylor’s vocals where unhindered and sinister, the music was savage but precise.

‘Thunder Mouth’ returns to the mix of styles of nu metal with Jonathan Davis-style rapping, death growls and breakdowns.  Still unmistakably Emmure but these influences are shining through this album.

‘Pan’s Dream’ is another slab of Emmure at their most creative, mixing a slow interlude into this tune, reminiscent of how Porcupine Tree mix their lighter and darker moments on ‘Fear Of A Blank Planet’, only more extreme!

‘203’ is another superb contrast of styles that Emmure create superbly with a whisper, leading to a cataclysmic death howl.  The guitars and rhythm section similarly able to converge to add more emphasis to the vocal performance.

‘Informal Butterflies’ is another tune that could easily have been lifted from that perfect Slipknot album.

‘Action 52’, is a short, sharp, punchy, punishing tune.  The drums from ‘Baby J’ once again coming to the fore, demonstrating exactly how to beat the crap out of his kit in a variety of different styles.

‘Bastard Ritual’ the penultimate track is an experimental effort far removed from the metal you have just listened to.  A surprise to find something so diverse on the album.  Yes, it’s still a deathcore tune but with a difference.

Third single ‘Uncontrollable Descent’, released on May 29th, 2020, leaves the album with a familiar Emmure sound.  This is a slant on how the powerful and corrupt end up answering for the lies and deceit.

The controversy aside, several wise men have written that, ‘…there is no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity’.  Whichever way you spin the past antics from a few misplaced Tweets and provocative T-shirt designs, there can be no denying that Emmure have found their niche within the metal fraternity.  ‘Hindsight’ feels like a tribute to all those artists that have influenced the Emmure sound.  If you mixed up the best moments of Korn, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot with a dash of System Of A Down then you arrive at Emmure’s ‘Hindsight’.  The short, sharp punchiness to their songs, deliver the message with brevity and brutality.


Score: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by: Stefan Putwain

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