HAWXX release brand new single ‘DOGMA’

HAWXX have now released their brand new single ‘DOGMA’ on all digital platforms.

DOGMA is a dark but uplifting call to battle. A pounding heartbeat of a drum, a heavy drop A riff and the proud waving of a bloodied flag.


Lead Vocalist Anna states:

“I was talking with a friend who at one point quite freely said ‘Ugh I just hate myself’.It got me thinking how normalised it is for us women to hate ourselves, to always wish we were different somehow.
We are constantly caught between two messages. We are either not enough or we are too much. Its revolutionary to say ‘I’m content with myself exactly as I am’. In the end, the idea that ‘if I was more like this, I’d be happy’ is a massive lie. It’s ultimately disappointing and it’s sedating our power. DOGMA is a call to action. Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are.”

Named after the bird of prey, with the double XX symbolising the double XX female chromosome. HAWXX write songs that reflect the lies of our current political climate, about self empowerment and how love’s a bitch.
In January 2020 their stand-out talent earned them a grant from PRS enabling HAWXX to work on new recordings with renowned producer Larry Hibbitt (Dinosaur Pile-up, Hundred Reasons, Marmozets). Better to mention stand-out talent instead of ‘winners of a prize’.

HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jessica and Iman .

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