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Cameo laden video sees Giovanni Spano ‘Reinstate The Rock’ , hitting the official iTunes UK Top 40!

Where might you find former X-Factor contestants, West End stars, rock musicians and even professional dancers from Strictly Come Dancing all appearing in the same music video?

It all becomes obvious when you check out the debut solo single from Giovanni Spano, the deVience frontman and former star of Bat Out of Hell – The Musical.

Reinstate the Rock embraces the music born in a time when the Sunset Strip was filled with young wannabe rock stars, when MTV actually played music videos and hair and makeup was the requisite part of the attire… and that was just the dudes ! As the cover shows, the song embraces KISS, Ozzy, guitar licks from Slash, a touch of Bowie, the southern grit of Billy Gibbons and of course the panache only a performer like the late, great Freddie Mercury would bring to the show.


With more than a nod towards his X-Factor mentor, Robbie Williams, we let Giovanni Spano ‘entertain you’ with ‘Reinstate the Rock’.


Official iTunes Chart Placing 4/9/2020
Reinstate the Rock has crashed into the official iTunes Top 40 and is sitting pretty at Number 2 in the Official Rock Chart as well. It’s thanks to a very loyal fan base that Gio has built up through his time on stage in musicals like ‘ Bat..’ , on stage with his band deVience and of course it’s been helped in no small part by his stint on X-Factor. 
Check out the single on iTunes here:
Official iTunes Rock Chart 4/9/2020
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