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Benediction – Scriptures Review

Release – 16th October 2020
Label – Nuclear Blast Records


Line Up:

Darren Brookes – guitar

Peter Rew – guitar

Dave Ingram – vocals

Dan Bate – Bass

Giovanni Durst – drums



1. Iterations of I
2. Scriptures in Scarlet
3. The Crooked Man
4. Stormcrow
5. Progenitors of a New Paradigm
6. Rabid Carnality
7. In Our Hands, The Scars
8. Tear Off These Wings
9. Embrace the Kill
10. Neverwhen
11. The Blight at the End
12. We are Legion


Legendary death metal pioneers Benediction have sprung forth this year with a brand new
release – A full length album – Scriptures.

The British 5 piece – Including 3 of the long lasting and original members – Darren Brookes
(Guitar) Peter Rewinsky (Guitar) and the return of Dave Ingram (Vocals) alongside Dan Bate
(Bass) and Gio Durst (Drums) They have sprung back into action after quite a long 12 year
break from releasing any new material with this 12 track Album, and what better timing!
We begin with the illustrious introduction for the album with Track number 1 – “Iterations of l” ,
already we can hear the sweet and classic death metal production values and mix. The general
progression of the song can be compared to that of utmost classic Death Metal. Particularly the
mid section at 2.00 – That riff just reminds me how much I miss gigs and headbanging until the
inevitable whiplash.

Dave and Peters guitar harmonies compliment each other well throughout the entirety of the
album – it’s clear these two have been brothers in arms since Benedictions debut in 1989. Their
upkeep of writing skills and compositions are noteworthy and should not be overlooked as a
worthy contributors of metal in modern times!

Another personal favourite of mine from this album has to be Track 4 – Stormcrow – again in
times like these it’s amazing to hear such fast pace and visceral energy and well calculated
progressions and build ups.

Throughout the entirety of the album there is no lacking of energy as can especially heard with
Track 7 – In our Hands, The Scars – Gio Durst (Drums) Carries this song with an eclectic array of
classic Death metal breakdowns and double kicks – again with an irresistible gnarly breakdown
not once, but twice.

Dan Bate (Bassist) may be the newest addition to the Benediction lineup but he no doubts
brings a wonderful flavour to the overall sound – as can be noted with the albums grooviest 8th
installment – Tear off These Wings with a hint of that classic buzzsaw-esque tone – he
introduces the song into a stratosphere of pure intense riffs and warfare.

It’s good to see the boys back in action again and I wish them the best of luck for when gigs and festivals return – No doubt we’ll all be in for a treat seeing them live!


Written by: Mo Sheerin

Ratings: 8/10


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