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The Beatflux unveils its third single ‘WET’, on November the 06th via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings.

‘Wet’ is a call to arms of an era that established itself on pure punk-rock intensity and is coated with the more aggressive side of grunge, echoing the the classic ‘State of Love and Trust’ by their piers Pearl Jam.

The music video features Ale Iafelice playing the drums on top of a skyscraper on a sweltering afternoon in São Paulo, Brazil.

Muca adds; “With COVID and the unfortunate situation we’re living in at the moment, I always see challenges as opportunities to think outside the box. I always thought this is the drummer song. The song I want a twelve-year-old kid to watch and tell himself.” ” I want to be a drummer.”

Ale Iafelice adds, “Because there were so many buildings nearby and we shot the video on a Sunday afternoon, I thought we’d piss off the neighbours, but in the end. everyone was clapping

Muca sees that as the future and a new sort of online collectiveness project. While Muca was in London and the film crew and Ale Iafelice in Brazil updating him about the filming. It ended working pretty nicely.

The Beatflux is a collective global rock project created by London-based Guitarist and producer Muca. 

Muca is the mastermind behind the band. Guitarist, music producer, mixing engineer and London Calling 89fm presenter at A Rádio Rock, he has used all his experience to develop this project. With the debut E.P coming out at the start of 2021. Muca is looking ahead to the future.

“After the EP is out, I want to focus on recording a bunch of new tracks. I have plenty of ideas in mind and want to get it out there.”

‘Wet’ is released via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings on 6th November 2020.

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