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Neon Empire Release New Music Video for “Wrath”

Dublin based metalcore four-piece Neon Empire have just released their brand new video for the single “Wrath“.

Here’s what the band had to say about their new Single:

“Wrath is an intense experience. This song is an invitation into a world of primal rage, and with it, a warning of the consequences of losing control. With this song, we’re navigating uncharted territory. We’re pushing Metalcore to its absolute limits, with an orchestra of soaring synth hooks, atmospheric electronic sounds, snarling guitars and unrelenting drums. We deliver transcendental, melodic highs before pulling you back down to earth with a brutal low-end. We’ve been heavily inspired by Bring me the Horizon, Architects and I Prevail. These bands have improved on the Metalcore formula by introducing Electronic elements into their sound, and with our new Single, we aimed to elevate the genre to even greater heights. “

Wrath was recorded at JSRAudio Belfast, mixed and mastered by Josh Sid Robinson. The music video was recorded by Olga Kuzmenko of Record Replay Productions at Beatbox Club, Dublin.

Their first video single “This Clarity” has been viewed over 78,000 times since its release in November 2019 and the track features guest vocals by Jimmie Strimell & Pontus Hjelm of Dead By April.

Neon Empire are a 4-piece electronic Metalcore band, based in Dublin. The band was formed by guitarist/clean-vocalist Hassan Ali, originally intended to be a Solo Project. Over time, the addition of John Collard (Screams), Veronika Švecová (Drums) and Tom Ambrose (Bass) brought new song writing elements to the table and perfected the sound. Since reaching their full lineup in August 2019, Neon Empire have released two singles, an EP, and have gigged extensively in Dublin.

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“Neon Empire are on a path of destruction. They combine traditional Metalcore elements with techno-inspired synth lines and the occasional proggy riff to create an original, energetic sound. It’s fast, it’s heavy and it’s everything you want from electronicore.” – Metal Injection

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Neon Empire - Wrath

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