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Death Dealer – Conquered Lands Review

Released by: Steel Cartel Records
Released Date: November 13th, 2020.
Genre: Heavy Power Metal


Line Up:

Stu Marshall / Guitars
Ross the Boss / Guitars
Sean Peck / Vocals
Steve Bolognese / Drums
Mike LePond / Bass



Sorcerer Supreme
Every Nation
Beauty and the Blood
Running with the Wolves
The Heretic Has Returned
Conquered Lands
Hail to the King
Slay or Be Slain
Faith Under Fire
22 Gone
Born to Bear the Crown


It might sound a bit confusing, but in the past, I once heard a great vinyl record of an 80s Canadian Melodic Metal band called DEAF DEALER, who had to change their name back to their original band name of DEATH DEALER after reforming in the late 2000s. Strangely enough around the same time (the early 2010s), the American DEATH DEALER started, which is a supergroup formed around guitarist ROSS THE BOSS (MANOWAR), guitarist STU MARSHALL (DUNGEON, NIGHT LEGION), vocalist SEAN PECK (CAGE), bassist MIKE LEPOND (SYMPHONY X) and drummer STEVE BOLOGNESE (INTO ETERNITY).

Conquered Lands is the American DEATH DEALER’s 3rd album and this is probably the finest pure US Power Metal album of the year 2020! When the album starts, it’s full speed ahead with 3 superfast classic US Melodic Power Metal pieces (Sorcerer supreme, Every nation, and Beauty and the blood). The band takes a bit of a step back with the slightly calmer Running with the wolves and the DIO ish title track Conquered lands. This is one of those albums that will be loved by fans of fists-in-the-air high pitched vocals/massive 80s guitar riff-driven uptempo tunes with influences from CAGE, IRON MAIDEN, ICED EARTH, JUDAS PRIEST, etc., etc. It might not sound very original and perhaps a bit cliche tingled most of the time, these guys are real professionals and they are doing it at a very high level on their new album Conquered lands, which has its absolute highlight in the superb catchy melodic chorus driven Slay or be slain.

You absolutely can’t be closer to classic US Power Metal than this record! Fans of all the mentioned bands will be screaming and shouting all night long to this air-guitar driven band that most of the time speeds up the tempo to the fastest horse on planet earth! Don’t miss this thunderous classic US Metal album that sounds like a perfect cross between PRIMAL FEAR and JUDAS PRIEST (both European acts by the way, lol), and for more info please go to 


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem

Ratings: Gabor   8/10


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