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Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night Review

Released By Metal Blade Records

Release Date November 6th, 2020

Genre Progressive Metal


Lineup :

Joey Vera – Bass

Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

Ray Alder – Vocals

Jim Matheos- Guitar

Mike Abdow – Guitar


Track list:

1. The Destination Onward

2. Shuttered World

3. Alone We Walk

4. Now Comes The Rain

5. The Way Home

6. Under The Sun

7. Scars

8. Begin Again

9. When Snow Falls

10. Liar

11. Glass Houses

12. The Longest Shadow Of The Day

13. The Last Song



Progressive Metal outfit Fates Warning return with their thirteenth studio album “Long Day Good Night”. The band has released an over 72 minutes new record, which is the longest in their over three decades career and the first one since they have announced their return to Metal Blade Records.

The sequel of “Theories Of Flight” shows the tendency of the five piece act to merge more stylistically expansive compositions possible. This could be an option that enhances their excellent abilities in songwriting. As far as the audience is concerned, this major versatility along with the long duration of the album could give something for everyone to enjoy, but it could also be hard for the listeners to maintain focus on. Will Fates Warning keep the high standards of Progressive Metal with this new studio effort?

Opening track “The Destination Onward” starts with a calm, precise introduction followed by obscure, conspicuous sections, sharp drumming and genuine vocals. The rhythm starts to increase while the song flows and it’s based on thick bass lines and elaborated solos. “Shuttered World” is a song rich of energetic moments: the first role is played by the guitar parts enhanced by strong vocals and compelling sounds. The following “Alone We Walk” maintains an identical addictive structure. Moreover, more technical drum parts are included in this song.

The captivating and approachable melodies of “Now Comes The Rain” give birth to a memorable song with a catchy chorus. “The Way Home” goes on the same path with its limpid, transparent but plain structure. The song starts like a ballad but it moves on to a jazz style outfit. The following “Under The Sun” has an emotional touch caused by acoustic guitar parts and sorrowful vocals.

“Scars” has a revitalizing effect on the record with its heavier outfit. The excellent instrumental solidarity and the smoothly running guitar parts are the strong elements of this track. “Begin Again” is dominated by solid bass lines and accurate vocals. “When Snow Falls” gives more theatrical elements to the mix thanks to the expressive and melodious vocal sections.

“Liar” hits with vigorous guitar riffing and groove metal drum parts. “Glass Houses” keeps on galloping on the same path. Meanwhile, “The Longest Shadow Of The Day” includes high skilled riffing and unconventional drum sections. The record is concluded by “The Last Song”, a piece characterized by a relaxing acoustic ambience.

Fates Warning are definitely masters of their genre and their new release will please their devoted audience. On the other hand, “Long Day Good Night” may feel too extensive for the occasional listener to focus on. There is a variety of styles and skills on the counter, but maybe this is not enough to keep the listener on the course because of the long duration. Despite the cohesion between the songs feels a bit crooked, the compositions are impressive and show an amount of talent that is worth digging into. Still, “Long Day Good Night” cements the legacy of Fates Warning among the great bands of Progressive Metal through the excellent songwriting and musicianship in every individual track.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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