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Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard & Fast Review

Released  by: Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: February 19th, 2021

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Ricky Warwick | Vocals & Guitar

Keith Nelson | Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Robert Crane | Bass

Xavier Muriel | Drums



1 – When Life Was Hard and Fast
2 – You Dont Love me
3 – I’d Rather be Hit
4 – Gunslinger
5 – Never Corner a Rat
6 – Time Don’t Seem to Matter
7 – Fighting Heart
8 – I don’t feel at Home
9 – Still Alive
10 – Clown of Misery
11 – Your my Rock n Roll


In the midst of a bleak and dark pandemic struck world – we’re refreshed and replenished by an album that induces the memories of many a wild and intoxicated night out. Ricky Warwick’s
latest release “When Life was Hard and Fast” epitomizes what good old classic Rock n Roll truly is. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the Northern Irish guitarist – Ricky Warwick has
performed and made himself a name with big artists such as Thin Lizzy , and by being the front man and main songwriter for Black Star Riders

For this new record Warwick has brought in some notable names for guest appearances, including Andy Taylor (Duran Duran & Power Station), Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), and Dizzy
Reed (Guns n Roses).

The self titled first track kicks off with a snippet from an old broadcast of the R.A.C International racing circuit in Belfast from 1929. Switching into gear with a particularly nostalgic display of rock n roll riffs and vocals, alongside a catchy chorus, what a tremendous way to engage first time listeners and fans alike to the album! The nostalgia trip can be taken once more with some delicious harmonized guitars into the mid section of the song

The classic rock n roll sound can be heard once more as we progress throughout the album – coming in second on the album is “You don’t love Me” With an irresistibly catchy chorus onceand a lovely solo from Luke Morley (Thunder) himself, it makes for a great rock song!

The overall vibe of classic rock n roll can be heard throughout all tracks of the album, especially with 7th addition “Fighting Heart” – with riffs and progressions that just make the heart ache for one to be standing front and centre for Ricky and his comrades to be blasting these tunes live, for now we can make do with enjoying this stellar album in the car or with a beer at home!

Very Enjoyable listen!


Written by: Mo Sheerin

Ratings: 8/10


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