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THE DUST CODA – Mojo Skyline Review


Released by: Earache Records

Release date:  26th March 2021


Line up:

Adam Mackie – Lead Guitar,

John Drake – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar,

Scott Miller – Drums,

Tony Ho – Bass,


Track list:

  1. Demon
  2. Breakdown
  3. Limbo Man
  4. Dream Alight
  5. Jimmy 2 Times
  6. Rolling
  7. Bourbon Pouring
  8. I’ve Been Waiting
  9. She’s Gone
  10. They Don’t Know Rock N Roll
  11. Just Believe It
  12. It’s a Jam

Due for release at the end of March,  Mojo Skyline is the second album by London rockers The Dust Coda, the eponymous debut somehow managing to have slipped under my radar back in 2017.  They also played The Rising Stage at the Ramblin’ Man in 2018 where,  again, they sadly escaped my attention…still its never too late to get a heads up on some raw, hard hitting new(ish) rock talent and I’ve wasted no time catching up.  This release was pitched as being very ‘me’ and I  was therefore suitably intrigued to have a listen…

Opening track ‘Demon’ pulls no punches kicking off with strong hard hitting vocals, and is an undeniably adrenaline fuelled,  fast paced, catchy hard rock tune.

‘Breakdown’ and ‘Limbo Man’ follow on in a similar heavy driven vein of powerful vocals and spiralling guitars.

The hiatus of this album comes with  ‘Dream Alight’, a soulful , melodic easy listener which I’ve never heard before yet has some vague familiarity about it…  This one was released on single and I was impressively thrown by it, it is vocally and musically superb with building percussion towards the end and expertly showcases  the versatility of this quartet.

[Editor’s favourite – Jimmy 2 Times has also been released as a single and can be viewed above. A left turn on the album, it’s high energy and jaunty approach make it a real stand out track and one to keep listeners on their toes.] 

‘Rolling’ is another definitive highlight for me, instantly reeling me in, the vocals and changes in tempo are undeniably intoxicating, quite simply put, this epitomises everything that a rock song should be…

The album signs off on a notably lighter note with ‘It’s a Jam’ an upbeat, lyrically fantastic tune with a kick ass groove.

There are an impressive 12 tracks of musical, vocal and lyrical brilliance packed into this release, all superb, all subtlety different, all with an edge.  The Dust Coda are clearly tight and well rehearsed, this material may have  certain components of familiarity  but I believe  it would be an injustice to this band to name comparatives – they definitively have something very unique going on here and they should harness it, this album will be a tough act to follow…

Score 10/10

Reviewed by Karen Hetherington

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