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Everdawn – Cleopatra Review

Released by: Everdawn/The Laser’s Edge

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Alina Gavrilenko – Lead Vocals
Mike LePond – Bass
Dan Prestup – Drums
Boris Zaks – Keyboards
Richard Fischer – Guitars, Vocals



1. Ghost Shadow Requiem
2. Stranded In Bangalore
3. Cleopatra
4. Your Majesty Sadness
5. Infinity Divine
6. Pariah’s Revenge
7. Lucid Dream
8. Heart Of A Lion
9. Toledo 712 A.D. (instr.)
10. Rider Of The Storm
11. The Last Eden


Originally known as MIDNIGHT ETERNAL, this New Jersey-based band changed its name to EVERDAWN and likewise, this is their first album under this moniker. Cleopatra is the name of the concept album, which musically is pure European female-fronted Symphonic Melodic Metal like we know it from AFTER FOREVER, NIGHTWISH, XANDRIA, EPICA, and such.

The band is formed around vocalist ALINA GAVRILENKO, bassist MIKE LEPOND (SYMPHONY X), guitarist RICHARD FISCHER, keyboard player BORIS ZAKS, and drummer DANIEL PRESTUP. There is a guest appearance by the legendary THOMAS VIKSTROM (THERION, CANDLEMASS, TALK OF THE TOWN, etc.) and DAN SWANO (OPETH, KATATONIA, etc.) mixed and mastered the album, which has a huge sound by the way! 11 songs are included in total, and the opener Ghost Shadow Requiem is a pure NIGHTWISH/AFTER FOREVER-ish uptempo Melodic Symphonic Metal, with incredible high-pitched soprano like vocals of Aline, but also superb melodic classic metal guitar work from Richard. Following Stranded in Bangalore adds some prog metal influences and it contains a superb melodic chorus in the best AFTER FOREVER meets EPICA meets DELAIN style. Cleopatra and Your Majesty Sadness are both ultra-melodic, bombastic, and theatrical uptempo pieces, with of course again

NIGHTWISH similarities, but thankfully done at an extremely high level, and featuring both again lovely big anthem-ish choruses! Fans of any of the mentioned bands need to check out EVERDAWN as soon as possible because it might be that original, the finished product is really strong. Other highlights are Infinity Divine (with the amazing Thomas as guest lead singer, who contributes here a lot with the beautiful harmony vocals during the lovely chorus, which is perhaps the finest of the album!), Heart of a Lion, and Rider of the storm.

Although EVERDAWN is not doing something completely different here, they are nevertheless bringing us a lot of sensational songs on their new album Cleopatra, so I can highly recommend you to check it out if this kinda music is up your alley.


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem

Ratings: Gabor   8/10

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