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Maverick – Ethereality Review

Released by: Metalapolis Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

David Balfour – vocals
Ryan Balfour – guitar
Ric Cardwell – guitar
Richie Diver – bass
Jason-Steve Mageney – drums



Switchblade Sister
Bells Of Stygian
Angels 6
The Last One
Dying Star
Light Behind Your Eyes


I have followed the Belfast, Northern Ireland-based band MAVERICK for quite some time now after they delivered their fantastic 3rd full-length album Cold Star Dancer in 2018. 3 years after this sensational album MAVERICK released its 4th album Ethereality. The band’s sound is still the same, which is pure 80s inspired Melodic Hardrock, but I think this time all of the included 10 songs are absolute winners. The band’s line up consists of the brothers Balfour (David on vocals and Ryan on guitar), guitarist Ric Cardwell, bassist Richie Diver, and drummer Jason-Steve Mageney, and due to corona it took a bit longer to record the new album, but it was worth the wait for sure.

Opener Falling is a superb midtempo Melodic Hardrocksong that reminds me a bit of classic JADED HEART, including a catchy hook and a lovely massive chorus that sticks in your head and never lets us go. Following Thirst keeps up this incredibly high level, as this is a terrific uptempo Melodic Heavy Rocker, with again a catchy hook and memorable melodic chorus as if it was still 1989. The band’s sound is huge and reminds me a lot of the classic late 80s Melodic Hard rocking days when bands like FIREHOUSE, TRIXTER, SKID ROW, and WHITE LION were on top of the charts in the USA.

MAVERICK seems to have released their finest album so far, with almost every song being a highlight, because when listening to the uptempo Never, we get to hear one of the strongest Melodic Rock songs I have heard in a long time, which is also thanks to the excellent vocals of David. Switchblade Sister is a little edgier with its SKID ROW approach, although H.E.A.T. also comes to mind here. Back to full swing sensational high-class uptempo Melodic Rock with the lovely 80s BON JOVI sounding Bells Of Stygian. Angels 6 follows and is another superb sensational uptempo melodic/AOR rocker with a chorus that will make fans of H.E.A.T. dance all night!

Up next is The Last One, a midtempo 80s melodic rocker with a superstrong hook and chorus again, a bit reminding of PAUL LAINE, THE DEFIANTS, and such. Following Dying Star is an uptempo melodic heavy rock in the PINK CREAM 69 style, with a classic HAREM SCAREMish guitar solo, while Light Behind Your Eyes is a great midtempo melodic rocker. Ares closes the album very nicely as this is yet another sensational midtempo melodic rocker with a brilliant chorus.

This new MAVERICK album is a must-have to every Melodic Rock fan out there! If you like bands such as STORMZONE, JADED HEART, H.E.A.T., THE DEFIANTS, ECLIPSE, GOTTHARD, ONE DESIRE, PERFECT PLAN, INGLORIOUS, etc., then you do not want to miss this gem!


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem

Ratings: Gabor   9/10


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