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If Björk did heavy metal – Check out ODC – Wanted

Parisian band ODC have honed a diverse rock sound that draws on modern metal, nu-metal and alternative metal influences. Led by the superb vocals of front-woman Celia Do, the band complements them with instrumentals packed with booming riffs and powerful rhythms.

To quote Celia: “ODC advocates the freedom to be whoever you want to be. This topic is everywhere in our songs.”

The latest single, WANTED is already racking up great numbers on multiple streaming platforms and has been added to several playlists:

Apple Music – Breaking Metal / featured artist
Deezer – Women of Metal – Global playlist
Spotify – French metal playlist
Spotify – Nuclear Blast – rock and metal queens playlist

The video has also managed to gain 45,000 YouTube views in 1 week alone! 

‘Wanted’, celebrates the signing of a new deal with BloodBlast, a digital rock and metal distributor developed by Believe Music and Nuclear Blast. The impressive production on the video also delivers a story sung in three languages: English, Spanish and French, backed by modern metal, where the guitar lines are driven by 8 strings, in a powerful rhythm, and electronic sounds around Celia’s amazing voice .

Visually the video is striking. Akin to the sort of output that Icelandic songstress Björk might produce with multiple looks, outfits and vocal turns that really reflect the skill and power of Celia’s voice.

“The song talks about how women can be imprisoned by society in predetermined roles and how they can break free from these stereotypes to express their strong and fierce side. Modern Metal opens a new era and encourages women to dare to assert themselves as they wish”, explains Celia.

Musically the track will appeal to fans across multiple metal genres. It’s powerful, heavy but carries the sort of melody that will draw in even the most casual of listener. They further prove this with a neat trick that only a band like ODC could deliver, Their ability to change things around with well known songs and remind us just how good some of the mainstream music could be if it was given the true rock and metal treatment is showcased with this cover of a Billie Eilish track.

Stunning is the only word we can use. It shows a band on the cusp of something great, one that warrants a deeper delve into the music released to date and the hope that more is just around the corner. The original material is amazing, their covers work suggests an album of tracks one day that will blow away the old complaints about bands only ever doing the ‘classics’ from the 70s and 60s. The new classics come from tracks like this one.

ODC are:
Celia Do – Vocals
Raphael – 8 strings guitar
Robin – Drums
Sonny – Bass

Check out the band here:






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