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Music Video Release – Neon Empire – City Lights

Dublin-based Neon Empire have dropped their latest single – “City Lights” and it’s another cracker. The metalcore fourpiece have been building momentum (despite Covid) and are going from strength to strength. After the success of “This Clarity” (featuring Jimmie Strimell & Pontus Hjelm of Dead By April) they defied lockdown with another face-melting single “Wrath”, and have just proved that they have certainly not hit their limit.

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The new track is bursting at the seams with an excitement to get out into the world and have some adventures. Like a kid riding their bike downhill without a helmet, “City Lights” is exhilarating , with just enough danger to give you a thrill. In their own words: Yes it’s loud, and the guitars are distorted, but this is metal unlike anything you’ve heard before. Our intense riffs flow through wave after wave heavenly synths, creating an immersive soundscape that you can’t help but get lost in. City Lights is more symphony than Slipknot. More concerto than Cannibal Corpse. We’ve taken the best aspects of metal, and now we’re elevating the genre.

Working once again with Olga Kuzmenko of Record Replay Productions, the band have leaned heavily into the neon vibe in the accompanying video, with colourful strobing lights epitomizing their moniker. Strap yourself in, and check it out…

Mixed and mastered by JSR Audio
Video by Olga Kuzmenko of Record Replay Productions

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