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Skindred + Jamie Lenman + Saint Agnes – Live at The Roundhouse, London October 2nd 2021

Words and Pictures: Rebecca Bush

One thing is for certain , when Skindred are in town you’re in for a riotous good time. So as I head to tonight’s venue one of Camden’s finest the grand ‘Roundhouse’, I am ready to bounce until my legs give out and sing until I lose my voice, all with camera in hand! I will never pass up an opportunity to shoot these guys they never disappoint.

Joining Skindred tonight we have two bands to get the party started.

Saint Agnes

First up are London foursome the raw and exciting Saint Agnes . Having increased their profile significantly over the last few months and winning over audiences all over including those attending summers Download Pilot its clear that tonight’s crowd are more than happy for them to be opening the show. And what an opener it is, front woman Kitty Austen has an abundance of energy and a commanding presence that definitely has everyone’s attention. The whole bands dynamic is really explosive and high energy – with tracks from their latest release such as ‘Uppercut’ and ‘Repent’ tearing through the air it’s a perfect start to the evening and they are a band definitely worth checking out – they are off on their very own headline tour this month which is selling out fast so grab yourself a ticket and get to a show.


Jamie Lenman

Next up we have Jamie Lenman , a suave and sophisticated singer oozing with confidence and charm as he takes to the stage and instantly makes it his own. The charismatic singer wastes no time and blasts into opener ‘Summer of Discontent (the future is dead)’ a riff tastic stomper of a track that sets the mood for the whole set. These are two very tight musicians both he and drummer Jack Wrench are a real force to be reckoned with and the crowd enjoy every minute of it.

The time arrives for tonight’s wildly popular headliners to bring the noise and the crowd is working their way up to fever pitch as classic intro track AC/DC’S ‘Thunderstruck’ blasts out of the speakers and everyone sings along, the whole room is bathed in red light and the stage lights flash along to the beat before the familiar imperial march kicks in and we are well and truly off!!


Front man Benji Webbe is every inch the show man , dressed head to toe in a red sequin suit which just illustrates what a huge personality he is. First song Stand for something gets the crowd really jumping, with his high energy and powerful vocals he is a force to be reckoned with and the energy levels never dwindle next up is ‘Rat Race’ which elicits the same response from the crowd in fact the flow of energy between both band and audience remains at a constant high its a room I’m very happy to be in!

Skindred are a well oiled rock and roll machine and every member is an absolute powerhouse Mikey D with his ever lower lunges looking every bit the cool guitarist with his shades and Bassist Daniel Pugsley engaging with the audience throughout. Benji often banters with the crowd and ensures maximum enjoyment, for my personal favourite ‘That’s my Jam’ he separates the crowd and assigns them different parts of the song in a sort of rock panto (and who doesn’t enjoy a panto) and when he’s satisfied with our efforts it kicks into gear and – as they say – the crowd goes wild! Steaming through thundering track after thundering track we come to the grand finale that is ‘Warning’ and the famed Newport Helicopter about takes the roof off the Roundhouse in a final blaze of glory.

As expected Skindred has put on yet another immense show – they really can do no wrong and this being the third time I have seen them play since August I still can’t get enough. If, somehow you haven’t managed to catch these guys live yet you must put them on your list of have to sees you really wont be disappointed.

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