The Dead Daisies forthcoming Like No Other UK Tour 2021

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The Dead Daisies, they roly-poly all over towns and they come back to England when times are down. Real messengers of good hope and rock reincarnation. The cosmic and murky tone of their New Album ‘ Holly Ground’ takes all the rock charts by storm.

The very successful 2021 US Like No Other Tour paved the road to the UK. This super combo is a four-piece band now. The Aussie businessman, jet pilot himself and devoted rock aficionado Mr David Lowy is the founding member. He has captured Doug ‘Les Paul Dragon’ Aldrich (solo guitar), earlier lead guitar player for Dio, Whitesnake and Hughes to name the major ones, and ex-Purple Power Man, the Voice Of Rock and Hall Of Fame Inductee Glenn Hughes ( bass and lead vocals) and diablo power Black Sabbath drummer Tommy Clufetos on the fucking drums.

The Daisies gonna tour UK doing 8 dates. The biggest one is at the O2 Birmingham Institute in front of a 2900 audience. Daisies will be supported by ‘The Quireboys’, ‘Grand Slam’ and a Special Guest ‘Gun’.


The Daisies are messengers with a mission to reborn all the traditional hard rock and the power of live performance. We love Glenn Hughes, ex Deep Purple bass player and vocalist whose driving force is imminent within the band and we can hear the thunderous growl of his bass with every and single stroke. He is in his 70s but can reach the high not so clearly that even some younger rock vocalists wouldn’t get it any better. Tommy Clufetos and his drumming train fit very well the juicy bassline and the crushing rhythm guitar by David Lowy. Daisies Boys are really ‘Keep On Rockin In The New World’. All the US venues packed tight we thank you American audience for your great shouts and for your tits as well 🙂


We gonna enjoy tunes from their new cosmic album such as Holy Ground, Like No Other, Unspoken, Chosen & Justified, Bustle And Flow. And a bunch of hard rock headbangers like Deep Purple covers Mistreated and Burn, and other songs by super combos like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. And maybe they play Love Like A Man by Ten Years After, so we gonna love them in the UK like No Others. Cheers and see ya at the shows. Happy Halloween Like No Other UK Tour, guys.

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