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The Dead Daisies live at the O2 Institute, Birmingham – 30th October 2021

Words (C) Chris Willow

Gallery Photos (C): Robert Sutton / Robert Sutton Photography

Way out Midlands, there was this show. The show of the band of joy and rocking freedom by the name of The Dead Daisies. The O2 Institute in Birmingham is this place. The old stylish venue with a few concert rooms opens the doors at 6.30 pm. The crowd was just the same as before, looked pretty much like walkabouts on ‘Wayne’s World’ movie. And then again, cueing outside the venue in the cold was like waiting for Halloween in a Death Alley Driver, If you know what I mean.

The Dead Daisies were hitting the main stage with the ‘The Quireboys’ as an opening act. The Boys kicked off with the mannerism of the frontman aiming to be early ‘90s Axel Rose rocking boy but I didn’t find it to be that way. Well, the band was trying to move the crowd but they seemed to still be paralyzed by the fear of the present era. The performance was just not bad and The Boys were trying hard but couldn’t upstage the superstars…

Now a bit of silence and quick gear change on the stage. They are preparing the crime scene for the star of the night. Lights went out in the whole room and that fucking sound wave just hit us with excessive force. It was like a knockoff. Their gear is fantastic, the tone was like mega thunder but the crowd stands still. When Doug played first cords and Glenn hit the bass and his vocals, Oh! It was a cutting age of a hammer and Tommy Clufetos joined like a bursting volcano. The show is on. The band kicked off with ‘Unspoken’ which was driven enough to warm up the audience. I was shooting the band while attacked by their powerful sound of ton and mega bass line. ‘Rise Up’ was really a rise, all the audience has waked up and started to respond slowly. Incredibly natural and drawing in singing by Hughes did the thing. ‘Mexico’ and ‘Bustle And Flow’ were the songs for all those movers and shakers. You just roll on and flow… The Covers like ‘Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwaterer Revival and ‘Midnight Mosess’ by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band made the audience alive. Glenn like Moses took his crowd along. They loved him for his feelings and emotional singing, and some nostalgia chatting over the mic. Glenn was born in England and echoes of the past returned.

Tommy Clufetos’ drumming was astonishing, and even if he is a fresh member of Daisies he connects with Glenn’s bass very well and his drum solo preceded Deep Purple cover ‘Mistreated’ The song which was designed by Ritchie Blackmore for Stratocaster was twisted so well on Doug’s Gold Top that I forgot about taking pictures but was listening to that haunting bluesy tune which fitted Halloween Eve aura perfectly. Doug played it so emotionally and with the edge, we event haven’t noticed it was played on Gibson. Doug was feeling great that night and reaching out to the audience. They were responding so the show was on a high level of contact.

Glenn Hughes vocalisations were over the top. What energy and abilities! Are you under the contract with the dark one, Glenn? 🙂 And David Lowy was the hearth of that Daisies’ engine, together with Tommy and Glenn they built the crushing power of the driving force. Well, there are just a few so consistent rhythm guitar players and you are certainly one of them, Dave.

The tight and massive tone of the band during the whole show erupted with the ‘Burn’, the Deep Purple’s headbanger from Glenn’s and Coverdale’s era. Big applause and a red hot crowd. The very good beginning of the Like No Other Tour. And now I can die with the smile on my face that Covid didn’t kill old good hard rock.

Go out of the house and enjoy yourselves in the UK, whatever is left of the UK Tour and carry on with European Tour 2022! Cheers!

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