Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, Revocation, Shadow of Intent Live at Brooklyn Steel, NY on Thursday 02/24/2022

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Review by: Tyler Bogliole

Photos by: Dhruv Kumar



On Thursday the 24th, all the metalheads flocked to Brooklyn Steel for an amazing night of death metal. With a lineup so stacked, this was a show that couldn’t be missed.

First up was Shadow Of Intent, they started the show on a high note, opening with their song “Barren and Breathless Macrocosm”, the crowd immediately sprung into action. A pit started almost immediately and they had an incredible amount of energy. Chris Wiseman is a guitar god in the making and this band will be very huge very soon. Highly recommend their newest album “Elegy” if you haven’t picked it up already.

Next up was Revocation. This is a band I’ve been dying to see for a long time. I’ve been a fan since their self-titled album, and they did not disappoint. They played songs off their latest 3 records and as a big fan of The Outer Ones, I was not complaining. They started with “Madness Opus” off of Deathless and it felt like they didn’t even take time to breathe, they just hopped from one song into the next in an unrelenting fury of death metal. The highlight of their set was definitely “That Which Consumes All Things”, the ending breakdown shook the entire audience. Their sound was impeccable, definitely a must-see band.

This may be blasphemous to say, but Whitechapel was easily the strongest of the night. While all the bands were incredible, Whitechapel was so tight that they made it seem like it was their headline show. Their opener “Brimstone” immediately shook the floor, and they annihilated that place. The second song “Forgiveness is Weakness” is easily my favorite song from them. The lyrics in that song are some of the most aggressive and brutal lyrics I’ve ever read (seriously, go look it up). The new songs they played, “A Bloodsoaked Symphony”, “Lost Boy” and “The Ones That Made Us” all transferred very well from studio to the stage, and made me relisten to their newest album “Kin” on my way home from the show, and find a greater appreciation for it. And of course, they played some songs for the older fans such as “Our Endless War”, “The Saw Is The Law”, and “This Is Exile”. They’re a band that if you’re coming to this show, do not show up late. And if they come to your town on a headliner, do NOT miss it.

And then the final act of the night, the legendary Cannibal Corpse. What can I say about them, that hasn’t been said a million times already? They’re legendary for a reason. They walked on stage, no fancy lights, no stage set up, just them and their instruments, and demolished that place. Opening with “The Time to Kill Is Now” and jumping right into “Scourge Of Iron”, they were proving that they were here for a reason. The song I anticipated was “Code Of The Slashers” that opening riff is just so incredibly heavy, and I just couldn’t believe how much heavier it is live. How Corpsegrinder can headbang like that all night and do it for as many years as he has is just unreal to me, my neck hurts in the morning after doing it for like 20 minutes. The newer songs like “Inhumane Harvest” and “Condemnation Contagion” got an incredible response from the crowd. The audience had a pit going the entire set and didn’t stop. By the time they got to their last two songs “Stripped, Raped and Strangled” and “Hammer Smashed Face”, the pit was the biggest hit was the entire night, so the energy was maxed all night.

All in all, this was one of the best shows I’ve attended. If this tour is coming to your town, do not miss it. This is the most stacked death metal tour in years, buy your tickets!!!



CANNIBAL CORPSE w/ Whitechapel, Revocation, Shadow Of Intent:

3/05/2022 Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT
3/07/2022 Showbox – Seattle, WA
3/08/2022 Hawthorne – Portland, OR * Sold Out
3/10/2022 Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, CA
3/11/2022 The UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
3/12/2022 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA * Sold Out
3/13/2022 The Belasco – Los Angeles, CA
3/14/2022 The Van Buren – Phoenix, AZ
3/15/2022 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
3/17/2022 Vibes Event Center – San Antonio, TX
3/18/2022 White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
3/19/2022 Amplified Live – Dallas, TX
3/21/2022 Red Flag – St. Louis, MO
3/22/2022 Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
3/23/2022 Iron City – Birmingham, AL
3/25/2022 Jannus Live – St. Petersburg, FL
3/26/2022 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

CANNIBAL CORPSE will be touring in support of their critically lauded Violence Unimagined full-length, released last Spring on Metal Blade Records. Comprising eleven tracks, Violence Unimagined is state of the art death metal played with passion and breathless precision, making for another flawless addition to what is inarguably one of the premier catalogues of the genre. “It really follows the path we’ve been going down for a few years now,” notes bassist Alex Webster. “I think we approach the writing in a similar way most every time: each of us try to write the heaviest, most memorable songs we can. We want each song to have its own identifiable character. Showing my age, I like to say you can ‘drop the needle’ on any point of one of our albums and quickly tell which song you’re listening to.”

While they continue to do what they do with aplomb, the one substantial change to CANNIBAL CORPSE is the addition of guitarist Erik Rutan to their ranks, joining Webster, founding drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, guitarist Rob Barrett, and vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Known for his roles in Morbid Angel, Ripping Corpse, and most notably fronting the mighty Hate Eternal, Rutan has long established himself as one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary death metal. Simultaneously, he has built up a reputation as one of the most in demand producers in metal, having previously produced four CANNIBAL CORPSE albums (in addition to Violence Unimagined), alongside the likes of Goatwhore, Soilent Green, and Belphegor. Filling in live on guitar since 2019, in 2020 he became a full member, contributing to the writing process.

To preview and purchase Violence Unimagined visit


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