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Ronni Le Tekrø On New Solo CD, Bigfoot TV – It’s a Very Personal CD To Me!


Interview by Robert Cavuoto

Photo Credit: Carl Eek


TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø will be releasing his newest album, Bigfoot TV, on March 18th via TBC Records.

Bigfoot TV is Ronni’s first solo album in six years, delivering personally inspired and vibrant songs. It is a musical journey portraying his inner thoughts regarding life as it stands and the strange things that have happened to him through the years. Bigfoot TV is a metaphor for useless consumption of mystery TV series that will never be solved or have a conclusion. Oddly enough, it mimics his life. With this album, Ronni is lyrically telling personal stories and creating his own Bigfoot TV channel. Bigfoot TV is inherently personal and a testament to Ronni’s primal spirits, which drive these finely crafted songs. Personal songs from the heart that reflects on his own life and values where the power of the guitar is king.

Pre-orders for Bigfoot TV are available now Fans who pre-order from his Bandcamp will be gifted with an exclusive extra song, “Come On Go On.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ronni to talk about the creation of Bigfoot TV, how he separates his writing for TNT from his solo works, which songs were the most personal to write, and a possible TNT US tour with Tony Harnell. Please be sure to follow My Global Mind on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube and Spotify channels.



Originally hailing from Norway, Ronni Le Tekrø is considered one of the world’s most influential metal guitarists, first and foremost with his band, TNT, but also in collaboration with jazz guitarist Terje Rypdal and as a diligently used studio musician. He has sold over four million albums with TNT, and he was named one of the world’s 25 best guitarists in its genre in 2009 by Guitar Player magazine. It’s claimed that Le Tekrø invented the “Machine Gun Style” of guitar playing. George Lynch of Dokken declares that his solo for TNT’s 1989 song, “Caught Between The Tigers,” is “a real face-melter. It’s spine-tingling.”

Le Tekrø’s main guitar live is the so-called “Holocaster.” Originally a light pink ESP guitar from the early ‘80s, the head is signed by close friend Brian Robertso, formerly from Thin Lizzy and Motörhead. Also known for pioneering the use of the Quarter Stepper guitar, which has twice as many frets as a normal guitar, spread throughout the neck with quarter-tone intervals. This guitar was invented by Bernie Hamburger of Hamburguitar and Le Tekrø himself.


Here’s the tracklisting for BIGFOOT TV:

1. Life On Long Island
2. Demons
3. Moving Like A Cat
4. The Black Rose
5. A Handful Of Time
6. New Day In The Morning
7. U.F.O.
8. Not Today
9. Eyes of the Woods
10. Come On Go On (Bandcamp exclusive)

“Moving Like A Cat” video (ok to post online):
“Life On Long Island” video (ok to post online):
BIGFOOT TV buy link: (includes extra song, “Come On Go On”)


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