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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators 4-Ever! Tropicana Showroom, Atlantic City, NJ – March 11th, 2022

Live Review and Live Photos by Robert Cavuoto

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Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are currently touring in support of their newest album titled 4, which was released February 11th and wasted no time going out on tour. They are about midway through their 28 city, North American headlining tour, which started in Portland, OR on February 8th and will end in Orlando, FL, on March 26th. The band consists of Slash [guitar], Myles Kennedy [vocals & triangle], Todd Kerns [bass], Brent Fitz [drums], and Frank Sidoris [guitar].

Post pandemic, or whatever we are calling it now, didn’t stop fans from coming out to Atlantic City to see their heroes. Tonight, the band raged through a nearly 2-hour set consisting of about 21 songs, the best-of-the-best from their CDs. Anyone who came to the show got just what they expected, a wall of guitars and a relentless performance.

The instant the lights went up and the band hit the stage, a vicious and blistering version of “Driving Rain” was performed. Not giving the audience a chance to breathe, they then delivered the perfect one-two punch with “My Antidote” and “Shots Fired.” The band demonstrated how their skills as musicians and songwriters could take the crowd on a journey, teasing them with punchy riffs and incredible vocal melodies.

Slash is a Rock & Roll icon who exudes charisma and coolness in one fell swoop. Decked out in a sleeveless black T-shirt, blue jeans, and top hat, he used the same gritty-sounding Gibson and Marshall combination tonight that was used throughout Appetite for Destruction. Dazzling fans with his fretboard prowess, fluid-like playing and vibrato runs, all while performing guitar acrobatics with his trademark signature Gibson Les Paul guitars. Slash has an astonishing ability to switch things up with different tempos and styles and then throw in killer extended solos that seem unimaginable to us humans, like on the epic “Fall Back to Earth,” which Myles said was the first time the band played it live!

Even though Slash is the kingpin of the band, the focal point and ring leader was Myles Kennedy. His compelling vocals, performance, and showmanship whipped the crowd into a frantic state. His soulful voice enhanced the ballads and drove the rock songs home with an edgy bite. There is spirituality and self-assurance in his singing that makes him the perfect frontman of our generation.

A flawless combination of songs were assembled tonight, including some thrilling ones like; “Back from Cali,” “Anastasia,” “World on Fire,” and “You’re a Lie.” Interspersed throughout the night, the band included several new songs, including “Fall Back to Earth,” “C’est La Vie,” and “The River is Rising.” By mid-set, the band was in full gear, sweaty, and feeding off the energy that the crowd was throwing out. They paid homage to one of the musical greats, Elton John, by performing “Rocket Man,” delivered superbly using a slide guitar that only Slash can do with poise, touch, tone, and control a lifetime of honing his craft. Myles had the vocal chops to drive hope the emotion of the song home the way it was initially intended.

Keeping up with Slash’s and Frank’s guitars playing is Brent on the drums and Todd’s bass. Brent’s drum kit took a monstrous beating as he picked up more power with each passing song. Todd does an excellent job playing at the same volume as Brent’s kick drum to balance the volume while putting the bass right in that sweet pocket of the drums. He has an uncanny ability as a bassist for timing, tone, and feel, which is critical when playing with this band. He even took lead vocals on punk ethos “Doctor Alibi” and the Lenny Kravitz cover of “Always on the Run.” The band was in lockstep and instinctively knew each other’s mannerisms which brought the songs to life. This was evident as many songs were more powerful live than the studio versions. The rhythm section was firing smoothly on all cylinders from the opener to the finale, and the band looked like they were at ease and having the time of their lives.

As the show came to an end, the audience felt re-energized. It served as a reminder of just how much great music Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have created in their career and how much fun a live concert can be. They are one of the few acts that manage to come across as both timely and timeless.


Following is the tracklisting for 4:
“The River is Rising”
“Whatever Gets You By”
“C’est La Vie”
“The Path Less Followed”
“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
“Spirit Love”
“Fill My World”
“April Fool”
“Call Off the Dogs”
“Fall Back to Earth”

SLASH FT. MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORSNorth American headlining tour officially begins February 8 in Portland, OR, and will hit 28 major cities, includingLos Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and more, before wrapping-upMarch 26 in Orlando, FL (all dates below). All tickets for the SMKC tourare available at:





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