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Jamie West-Oram of The FIXX Discusses Band’s First CD In Ten Years, Every Five Seconds!


Photo credit: Liz Linder

Interview by Robert Cavuoto



The FIXX have will be releasing their forthcoming studio album, Every Five Seconds, on June 3rd via BFD/The Orchard.

In their career, the band has garnered three #1 hits, five in the Top 5, and a dozen that have reached the Top 10. With millions of albums sold worldwide, songs such as “One Thing Leads to Another,” “Red Skies,” and “Saved by Zero” remain everyday staples on the playlists of the Rock, AAA, and Alternative radio stations. The FIXX consists of Cy Curnin [vocals], Adam Woods [drums], Rupert Greenall [keyboards], Jamie West-Oram [guitar], and Dan K. Brown [bass].

The FIXX has been heralded as one of the most innovative bands to come out of the MTV era. For four decades, the style and substance of the band have always created a special connection with its audience, providing complex, introspective, and thought-provoking songs. Every Five Seconds is the band’s first album in ten years, and it will not disappoint longtime fans and will undoubtedly attract new ones. Songs like “Woman of Flesh & Blood “captures the true spirit and essence of the band, with Cy and Jamie trading vocals while “Spell” and “Closer” showcase the band’s unique and edgy sound. The songs on the album flow together seamlessly, and there is depth and substance to each. Authentic songs that get to the heart of what this great band is all about. The FIXX are one of the few bands that manage to come across as both timely and timeless. To pre-order, Every Five Seconds, click here:

I had the pleasure of speaking with guitarist Jamie West-Oram about the creation of Every Five Seconds, when it was created, why it took ten years to get astonishing new music from the band, and the meaning behind the song “Woman of Flesh & Blood.” Please be sure to follow My Global Mind on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube and Spotify channels.


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