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The Darkness, Live At The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY on April 20, 2022



Live Review and Photos by Mark Schaff



The Darkness formed in England in 2000. They have multi-platinum albums in the UK, numerous music awards in the industry and five top ten singles. The band members include Justin Hawkins (Lead Vocals, Guitar), his brother Dan Hawkins (Rhythm and Lead Guitar), Frankie Poullain (Bass) and Rufus Tiger Taylor (Drums). In November 2021 The Darkness released their seventh studio album, Motorheart. and in March they hit the road with a 34 date tour across North America with The Dead Deads. They’ve toured with the likes of KISS, G‘N’R, Queen, and Black Sabbath to name a few. And I’ve read that their live shows are something everyone needs to see. They brought their arena glam rock to Buffalo, and I couldn’t wait to go and check them out.


The Dead Deads

First up was The Dead Deads. A new to me band, that definitely made some new fans in Buffalo. From Nashville, TN, there’s Meta on guitars, Daisy on bass and McQueen on drums. And these ladies know how to rock. On tour for their latest album release, “Tell Your Girls It’s Alright” (2021). They have this punky, grungy, heavy sound they put out, and it had the Buffalo crowd fired up from the moment they got on stage. I loved the sound they had on tunes like “Ghost” and “Dead Inside” early. The trio’s riffs thundered through the Ballroom with crushing guitar tones. They did a great Pink Floyd cover with ‘In The Flesh/ Push Me’ and ended the night with the song ‘Nope’. I look forward to checking into some more of their music for sure, and hope to see them again live soon.

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Thinkers And Preyers


Deal With Me

Dead Inside

In The Flesh / Push Me

Out Of The Sky

In For Blood





The Darkness

So if you’ve heard the live shows from The Darkness is what every band should dream of performing like, it still doesn’t really prepare you for what you get from them. From the moment the guys hit the stage, your thrown into 90 minutes of pure adrenaline! Non stop riffs and energy that I’m not sure I’ve seen matched at a show before. Starting off the night with a new song off their latest album ‘Welcome Tae Glasgae’. Followed by ‘One Way Ticket’ from their second album and ‘Growing On Me’ from the debut.

By the third song it’s clear that the band has the crowd engaged fully in the show and Justin notes some cheers from the crowd like “Your music makes me smile” and “Fan Fucking-Tastic”. And it does make us smile, and it was fantastic. Interacting with the crowd throughout the night with fist pumps and conversations with the fans. The band was sounding great and they were kicking ass.

Songs like ‘Solid Gold’ and ‘It’s love, Jim’ rocked the house while the band stormed all over the stage in a high paced, energetic show that never slowed down. Wednesday night became ‘Friday Night’ then ‘Love Is Only A Felling’ and ‘Barbarian’, and the fans sang along with all of them. They ended the set with ‘Get Your Hands Off My Woman’, before heading off stage for a few, then returning for the hit ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ as the encore. As they took the stage for the encore, Justin asked the crowd to put the phones down for one song, and just connect with the band. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a phone until the end. Great set, great show, great band.

After the show, any fans that had already seen the band, simply said they were better than ever. And the first timers like myself, were still trying to process what a great show we had just seen. No one left the venue feeling disappointed. I will definitely be there the next time they’re in town. If you ever find yourself wondering if you should go see the Darkness, don’t second guess it, go see them.

Their show is EXACTLY what a rock and roll show should be!





Welcome Tae Glasgae

One Way Ticket

Growing On Me


Open Fire

Solid Gold

Givin’ Up

It’s Love, Jim

Black Shuck

Heart Explodes

Friday Night

Love Is Only A Feeling

Japanese Prisoner Of Love


Get Your Hands Off My Woman


I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Tell Us How You Feel