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The Graham Bonnet Band – Day Out In Nowhere Review

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2022


Line Up:

Vocals: Graham Bonnet
Guitars: Conrado Pesinato
Bass: Beth-Ami Heavenstone

Guest musicians:
Keys: Alessandro Bertoni
Drums: Levi Dokus
Drums: Shane Gaalaas
Guitars: Jeff Loomis
Acoustic Guitar: Takanori Ozaki
Drums: John Tempesta
Guitars: Mike Tempesta
Guitars: Roy Z



Twelve Steps To Heaven
Brave New World (ft. Roy Z)
Uncle John
Day Out In Nowhere
The Sky Is Alive
David’s Mom
When We’re Asleep (ft. Mike Tempesta, John Tempesta)
It’s Just A Frickin’ Song (ft. Don Airey)
Jester (ft. Jeff Loomis)
Suzy (Orchestra)


Graham Bonnet is known as an excellent rock singer and there have been many occasions for the vocalist to present his excellent voice. Alcatrazz, Rainbow, and Michael Schenker Group are just a few bands, Bonnet has been part of.
From time to time the frontman also unleashes solo albums of which ‘The Book’, released in 2016, was the latest to date. These days, Bonnet brings with ‘Day Out in Nowhere’ the follow-up album to the record stores.

This time though it is The Graham Bonnet Band that unleashes eleven new songs, which means, that next to the singer also original members Beth-Ami Heavenstone and Conrado Pesinato are on board. The trio is the core line-up that worked on the album with the latter two being also the producers of ‘Day Out in Nowhere’. In addition, Bonnet invited some guests to contribute to the album. John and Mike Tempesta, Jeff Loomis, and Don Airey, all added some excellent musical moments to an album that stands for fine-crafted melodic rock.

Nothing on this album is boring or lengthy. From the first note to the last tone, each of the songs is a well-done rocker. Catchy melodies, hooks, and enough riff power have proved a recipe for energetic rock music and Bonnet makes use of the entire toolkit.

‘Imposter’ is the opener, a song with a great punch and a chorus that unfolds right away. It is a typical Bonnet tune being the starting point of the album. Songs like the title track ‘Day Out in Nowhere’ are grooving ones with ease before the band shifts gears. ‘The Sky is Alive’ is an up-tempo track and these nuances each song provides ensure the good flow of the album. A darker vibe dominates while listening to ‘When We’re Asleep’, followed by a classic rock firework called ‘It’s Just a Frickin’ Song’. Don Airey’s keyboard is an excellent addition and makes you feel like going back to the ‘80s sound of rock.

‘Day Out in Nowhere’ showcases experienced experts at work. The Graham Bonnet Band offers a cool and rocking longplayer with songs that are all a treat for the ears.


Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Ratings:  (8/10)


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