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Anvil – Impact Is Imminent Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: May 20th, 2022

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Steve ‘Lips‘ Kudlow – Vocals/Guitar

Robb Reiner – Drums

Chris Robertson – Bass/Vocals 



01. Take A Lesson
02. Ghost Shadow
03. Another Gun Fight
04. Fire Rain
05. Teabag
06. Don‘t Look Back
07. Someone To Hate
08. Bad Side Of Town
09. Wizard´s Wand
10. Lockdown
11. Explosive Energy
12. The Rabbit Hole
13. Shockwave
14. Gomez



I’m going to do something I vowed when I started doing that I wouldn’t do. I’ve got to lower the boom. We all have a friend in our lives that’s well-intentioned, they try real hard and want to make something of themselves at that one thing that is their dream, but for whatever reason, they just can’t seem to get there, and it mostly has to do with the fact that, despite having some of the skills necessary to do what they want to do, ultimately they miss the mark too many times to make it happen. Anvil, we need to talk.

I’ve been a loyal fan for many decades now. I’ve loved your music since High School, and proudly defended your unique brand of Metal, even though it was sometimes silly and juvenile. Robb Reiner is a beast of a drummer, and Lips you come up with some great riffs, but the lyrics, especially on the last couple of albums, including the latest Impact Is Imminent, I just can’t defend them anymore. There are some moments on the new album that could’ve been so fucking brilliant. Musically, this is easily one of the best albums you guys have done in a long time. And I wanted so desperately to write a glowing review of this album, but the lyrics detract so much from what could’ve been great.

I hope you guys realize this is well-intentioned. I truly am a fan and have only wanted the best for you. I just felt like I needed to be honest about the new album, Impact Is Imminent, and the last couple. This could’ve been such a killer album. I give the music 8 out of 10, but the lyrics 4 out of 10.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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