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Seven Kingdoms – Zenith Review

Released by: Distorion Records

Release Date: June 17th, 2022

Genre: Metal




Line Up:

Sabrina Cruz: vocals

Camden Cruz: Guitars

Kevin Byrd: Guitars:

Keith Byrd: Drums



1.       Diamond Handed

2.       A Silent Remedy

3.       Love Dagger

4.       Chasing the Mirage

5.       Valonqar

6.       Empty Eyes

7.       Magic In the Mist

8.       Universal Terrestrial

9.       The Water Dance

10.   Life Signs

11.   I Hate Myself For Loving You



I wonder if back in 2007 in Deland Florida, the band Seven Kingdoms would’ve imagined still being together in 2022, coming together based on the premise of a series of Swords and Lords books that hadn’t even been realized as a popular television series yet known as Game of Thrones? And not just still together, but thriving and better than ever. The members of Seven Kingdoms have taken power in Power Metal seriously, honing their bodies into serious shape over the last few years, but they have done the same with their music as well. Leading the pack of excellent USPM bands in many ways, they’ve crafted a sound that takes the elements of traditional USPM and delivers them in a hyper-charged melodic way.

With the latest album, Zenith. SK delivers their best effort yet. Everything you would want from not just a Seven Kingdoms, but a killer USPM album. You’ve got blistering guitar lines from Kevin and Camden, trading solos with absolute fire and brilliance without sounding like just practicing scales. You’ve got propulsive drums from Kevin’s brother Keith, laying that backbeat like thunder! Of course, it’s not a Seven Kingdoms album without the voice of Sabrina Cruz! Yet again, the pint-sized singer packs a wallop of a voice that puts most of her contemporaries to shame. One moment she’s delivering this powerhouse vocal unlike any other, the next she’s delivering the most luscious and angelic notes. Her voice follows where the song leads. As for the songs, this album is chock full of badassery! “The Water Dance,” “Diamond Handed,” and “Love Dagger” are just a couple of highlights, but the entire album is full of brilliance. There’s not a single bum track to be found, so yeah, the cliché all killer no filler certainly applies.

I don’t know how Seven Kingdoms keeps besting themselves from album to album, but they’ve done it again with Zenith. I guess when you are imbued with the level of talent as these folks it makes it easy for them. They are truly one of the best bands out there, especially in the USPM genre, but really in the Metal world in general. Their ability to take an often-imitated style and make it so new and unique with every album is a gift. May that gift last a lifetime.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10



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