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Gathering Of Kings – Enigmatic Review

Released by: RN Records

Release Date: July 29th, 2022

Genre: Melodic Rock




Line Up:

Jonny Lindkvist 
Rick Altzi 
Apollo Papathanasio
Tobias Jansson 
Alexander Frisborg 
Victor Olsson 
Magnus Mild
Joel Selsfors 
Mikael Planefeldt
Jonas Källsbäck 
Efraim Larsson

Special Guests:
Nanne Grönvall – Vocals on Feed You My Love
Maria Rådsten – Vocals on Feed You My Love
Peter Grönvall – Keyboards on Feed You My Love



01. Galacticus
02. Vagabond Rise
03. Here Be Dragons
04. Firefly
05. How The Mighty Have Fallen
06. A Rainbow And A Star
07. The Prophecy
08. Feed You My Love (feat. One More Time)
09. Clone Trooper
10. Long Kiss Goodnight
11. New Life
12. Lionheart
13. Fool’s Cabaret (CD Bonus Track)


This is another cool band that brings together some talented musicians in the AOR/Melodic Hard Rock scene. The idea was put together by Ron & Nina Dahlgren. You may also be familiar with Victor Olsson (Saffire) as he has taken hold of the songwriting helm on this project now and he does a tremendous job. Is always interesting to see how many of these so call super groups or multi instrumental projects come together and if they manage to stick around. Is safe to say this one for sure does and it will.

We break into into the record when the spacey synths take over on the opening intro track Galacticus, reminding me of a bit of ELO at times. The AOR keys come out front and center on the curious title song “Vagabond Rise”. Vocalist Jonny Lindkvist is pretty good here and adding to the list of who’s who in the Melodic world, you have backing vocals by Rick Altzi and Victor Olsson amongst others. Not very familiar with vocalist: Alexander Frisborg, but he has a superb tune “Here Be Dragons”, a nice punchy Melodic Hard Rocker that stands out on the first few spins. Altzi takes over on vocals on “How The Mighty Have Fallen”, which instantly picks up the tempo and provides a harder edge to the song. The musicianship here is phenomenal and leads on guitar are provided by Olsson.

Saffire’s own vocalist Tobias Jansson guest vocals on “The Prophecy”, and with lead guitars provided by his bandmate Victor Olsson once more, you have a super keen cut here, some aggressive grooves and maddening guitar solo heps pedestal the song on the record. Another highlight comes via “Let Me Feed You My Love” which features Peter Grönvall, the son of ABBA’s Benny Andersson, on keyboards. What a high-rising tune we have here, a high flyer whose choruses are smashing. With a very inspired rythm, “New Life” once more features Jansson on vocals, and the infectious melody brings memories of Kansas or Styx in all its glory.

Good to note that after the debut of Gathering of Kings, Ron & Nina structured the band with permanent members. Upon closer examination I give this project the green light and now with a 3rd record under this moniker, I think is safe to say there will be more music to come. Is a cool idea to give the genre of Melodic Rock/Hard Rock sort of a super grpup of guest musicians. Similar to the Tom Galley project of Phenomena. I think the music here is a little harder in places and because of the musicians involved, you don’t just get a plain genre-fitting album. Another strong highlight in this category and one that will end up on some top lists.


Written by: Shadow Editor

Rating  8/10


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