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Krisiun – Mortem Solis Review

Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 29th, 2022


Line Up:

Alex Camargo (vocals, bass)

Moyses Kolesne (guitars)

Max Kolesne (drums).



Sworn Enemies
Serpent Messiah
Swords into Flesh
Tomb of the Nameless
Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)  
Temple of the Abattoir
War Blood Hammer
As Angels Burn
Worm God



Brazil’s death metal heroes Krisiun are certainly not unknown, because the guys from Ijuí have been around since 1990. It all started with the ‘Black Force Domain’ album which shook the foundations of the metal world in 1995. The record was the keystone for a career that has lasted more than three decades and is still ongoing.

One of the amazing things about Krisiun is the fact of a very stable line-up. The three guys, all three brothers, by the way, have been playing together for three decades which is more than remarkable in today’s fast-paced world. Such a long collaboration can result in signs of fatigue, but also has the advantage of all participants being optimally attuned to each other. The latter holds true with Krisiun.

With ‘Morten Solis ’(Mortem Solis – which is Latin for “death of the sun”) the trio has delivered a supreme new album. On this record, musical sandpaper with coarse grain is used. Fine sanding is not the order of the day in this case. On ‘Mortem Solis’ Krisiun show that they have lost nothing of their energy and willpower. These guys don’t let themselves be bent and they don’t offer themselves to any trends. Songs like the brutal closer ‘Worm God’ are true neck breakers that can cause muscle aches. It is clear that Krisiun has cement-hard riffs coming out of the mixer. ‘Sworn Enemy’, the song which opens the album, is a brutal riff inferno and thus the ideal business card for the album.

Overall, Krisiun has with ‘Mortem Solis’ a next hard-hitting album on their credit side. If you are looking for filigree metal, you will certainly not find it here. This disc is a metallic inferno that blasts relentlessly and without compromise out of the speakers.


Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Ratings:  (8/10)


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