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Krisiun – Mortem Solis review

Released by : Century Media

Release Date : July 29th 2022

Genre : Death Metal


Line Up :

Alex Camargo , Bass/Vocals,

Moyses Kolesne , Guitar,

Max Kolesne , Drums,


Tracklist –

Sworn Enemies

Serpent Messiah

Swords Into Flesh


Tomb Of The Nameless

Dawn Sun Carnage

Temple Of The Abattoir

War Blood Hammer

As Angels Burn

Worm God

Death Of The Sun (bonus)


The three brothers that comprise Krisiun return with their 12th album which has been stripped to the core. The trio decided that less is more so went for a true death metal sound and approach.

The brutality starts immediately on a 1-2-3 with ‘Sworn Enemies’, ‘Serpent Messiah’ and ‘Swords Into Flesh’ giving you an aural battering, it’s not until ‘Necronomical’ that the band ease back but they give you some Slayer-esque malevolence that is quite scary. After that it’s a full death metal assault of crushing brutality with various time changes and a shed load of riffs. Guitarist Moyses must play with razor wire strings because the guitars literally slashes across your face whilst Alex and Max pummel you into submission with some of the biggest rhythms and how they keep up the pace is beyond me.

I have read some reviews that have said that this is just bog standard run of the mill DM. NO! Krisiun were tired of the posers, so they brought it all back to square one with a brutal and more straight forward process. In trimming the fat they’ve returned lean, mean and hungry. Ignore the naysayers this is the real deal.

Score 8/10

Reviewed by: Smudge

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