The Kings of Riffs Are Back in Town –The Scorpions Take Over the Borgata Hotel Event Center on 9/5/22!

The Scorpions immediately set the bar high on September 5th, Labor Day weekend, at the Borgata Hotel Event Center....

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The Scorpions immediately set the bar high on September 5th, Labor Day weekend, at the Borgata Hotel Event Center.

Earlier this year, the Scorpions released a tremendous album, Rock Believer, and it appears to have brought a renewed call-to-arms to their fans, setting up the perfect trifecta of their albums over the last 12 years, including Sting in the Tail [2010] and Return to Forever [2015]. These are three of the band’s strongest albums; where other bands no longer feel the need to write new songs, the Scorpions are writing better than ever have in their 50+ year career while fostering their mantra of peace, respect, and resilience!

Tonight, Rudolf Schenker [guitar], Klaus Meine [vocals], Matthias Jabs [guitar], Pawe? M?ciwoda [bass], and Mikkey Dee [drums] were energetic and in touch with their audience’s desire to hear the hit songs, which propelled them to stardom while paying homage to their early rock roots. The time-traveling experience covered some of the MTV video years of Blackout [1982], Love at First Sting [1984], and Savage Amusement [1988]. Songs like “The Zoo,” “Make it Real,” and “Big City Nights,” which were written four decades ago, were played with the unbridled passion and energy of when they were written. That makes the Scorpions true rock believers as they remain an unmovable core of the fan’s musical vision. Every song in their 90 minutes set were played with a sense of power, fury, and sex appeal. Precision in their playing is the key that unlocks the driving feel and cohesion of all their songs. The Scorpions played it louder and played it hard!

For their Rock Believer 2022 World Tour, the band used their Las Vegas residency stage, which was streamlined and more aerodynamic than previous tours. For each song, the band projected corresponding graphics to heighten the feel of the music. New songs like opener “Gas in the Tank,” “Peacemaker,” “Seventh Son,” and “Rock Believer” fit exceptionally nicely in the set. The band has an uncanny ability to tie a ribbon around the collection of their live songs, so they all sound like a cohesive unit. I had the opportunity to ask Rudolf before the show how the band selects songs for a tour? He replied, “From Continent-to-continent, there are some differences. America has rock radio, so they tend to like rock songs. In Asia, it’s more the softer type of song. In those cases, we know what the people want. The songs on the album are the foam on the cappuccino; they please the most people. We picked about 20-25 song possibilities but still need to work with Klaus to determine which ones he could sing best. We never make it easy for him.”

The Scorpions have two of Rocks strongest guitarists, Rudolf and Matthias, who brought the songs to a new level using an arsenal of Flying V’s and Explorer guitars. They each have a unique playing styles, which are slightly different, yet perfectly complement each other and the songs. It’s as if they are communicating telepathically. Rudolf is a savage player with a commanding presence. Fans erupted when he appeared on stage, running around like a madman during “Blackout” with his hot-rodded guitar that blew smoke through an exhaust pipe. Matthias handled most of the solos as he fluidly and melodically connected all the notes into mini symphonies. This was evident in all the songs but particularly in the instrumental track, “Delicate Dance,” which stretches the boundaries of rock, progressive, and jazz fusion!

Klaus’s hypnotizing voice filled the venue as he tirelessly stalked the stage with an air of confidence. Decked out in leather pants, a black alligator print jacket, Converse sneakers, and sunglasses, his inescapably cool, strong vocal performance and banter about the song’s history elevated the show for the audience. Klaus delivered what fans came for as he drew the audience into their music.

Mikkey is the band’s engine room, ensuring all songs are timed and paced to perfection. Pawe? laid down the low end that kicks you in the ass. He knows how to handle a song by playing between the melody and the harmony, which is felt more than heard. Together they put an unflinching beatdown on all the songs. They both took the spotlight to show off their chops with an old-school bass/drum solo called “New Vision.”

Taking a break from the sonic barrage of rock anthems, the Scorpions added some dimension mid-set by showing their lighter side and performing acoustically “Send Me an Angel” and “Winds of Change,” which Klaus dedicated to the people of Ukraine with updated the lyrics! The band instantly turned back to their stadium-friendly classics to end the show with “Blackout,” No One Like You,” and the encore, “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”

The Borgata Event Center was loud, and the Scorpions gave outstanding performances. The crowd’s enthusiasm level all night long was contagious, which caused the band to be revved to full throttle throughout the evening. They looked like rock stars and played like veterans who genuinely cared about the music and being on stage. After Monday’s show, all in attendance would agree the Scorpions still embrace the fun, energy, and excitement they always have! There’s still plenty of gas in their tank!

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