Sailing Through Challenges: The Unstoppable Journey of Visions of Atlantis

Pirates and Beyond: Visions of Atlantis Discuss Their Latest Milestones...

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Visions of Atlantis, a prominent name in the symphonic metal genre, was formed in the early 2000s in Austria. Over the years, the band has undergone several lineup changes, culminating in a rebirth in 2018 with a stable and cohesive group that has redefined their sound. Known for their cinematic soundscapes and powerful melodies, they have released critically acclaimed albums such as “The Deep and the Dark” and “Pirates,” blending orchestral elements with metal seamlessly. A defining feature of their music is the dynamic vocal interplay between Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli, which adds depth and emotion to their compositions. With a strong fanbase and a reputation for electrifying live performances, Visions of Atlantis continues to captivate audiences worldwide and push the boundaries of symphonic metal.

Closely following their recently wrapped and highly successful tour of North America, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are back at sea with their upcoming album, Pirates II – Armada, set for release on July 5, 2024 via Napalm Records

We Spoke with Meek Guaitoli about the new record and much more…

    • Can you take us back to the formation of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS? How did the band originally come together? The band started out in the early 2000s and has been consistently creating new albums. Could you discuss the band’s sound and evolution from your earlier records to the present? I’m sure you are aware that the past of Visions of Atlantis has been turbulent.Out of respect for those involved, we prefer to leave the events before 2018 to those who were there. In 2018, VoA was reborn with a new line-up that has remained unchanged for six years. We are a family, and this beautiful energy has allowed us to rediscover the excitement we felt during our early rehearsal days. For these reasons, we consider this record our fourth opera together. Before The Deep and the Dark, there were other albums, and that part of VoA’s history belongs to those who were part of it.This is also our strength. Since this new era of VoA began, we are a fresh band with a lot to say. Album after album, we get to know each other better on every level, and our growing bond as a family reflects in our music. It can only get better.
    • What were some of the challenges the band faced in its early days, and how did you overcome them? Every tour, concert, festival, and traveling day is a challenge. We chose this life and knew from the beginning that embracing the duties of a professional band would present challenges. Whether it’s sleeping three hours to fly from Chile to Argentina after performing, or finding a way to afford a tour bus for a two-and-a-half-month US tour, we knew it and made our choices. With this mindset, either there are no real challenges to overcome, only new adventures to live, or everything could become a battle. We prefer to see these challenges as adventures. After all, we’re pirates, aren’t we?
    • What have been some of the most significant lineup changes in the band, and how have these changes influenced your music? The one and only line-up change worth mentioning is the final one, which brought peace and harmony to VoA. Visions of Atlantis is now the band that recorded Pirates II, Pirates, and Wanderers, and set its base with The Deep and the Dark. A lot happened before that record, but it would be unfair to those involved to discuss it. We turned the page and were reborn.
    • What do you consider to be the biggest milestones in VISIONS OF ATLANTIS’s career so far? The release of Pirates really changed a lot for us. It allowed us to cross borders, reach the US, and return to South America after the pandemic. It’s our best-selling record and took us to the biggest festivals in Europe. Now it’s time to top it, isn’t it?

  • Let’s talk about the follow-up to “Pirates,” released in 2022, “Pirates II – Armada.” How did this record evolve? “Pirates” was very well received by both the press and fans of Symphonic/Power Metal. Pirates II is the natural evolution of Pirates. We basically continued where we left off in 2022. What’s beautiful is that even if you scramble the tracklist of these two records, you would still end up with two albums full of variety, diversity, and strong songs.Nothing written in Pirates is repeated in Pirates II. There is no “Armada” or “Tonight I’m Alive” in Pirates, and there is no “Legion of the Seas Part II” or “In My World Part II” in Pirates II. And what’s great is that we feel like we still have much more to say.
  • What can fans expect from “Pirates II”? It’s going to be the greatest adventure you’ll embark on. Brace yourselves and get ready, as Visions of Atlantis have never been this deep, heavy, dark, and cinematic. Just close your eyes, press play, and be prepared to sail the seven seas.
  • How has the dynamic between Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli evolved over time? It has quickly become the biggest strength of this band. The synergy between Clemi and Meek brings emotion and depth to our music and makes the band unique. Not many bands have the luck of having two amazing singers capable of delivering together with such chemistry. They play with their voices and each other, creating a natural and harmonious duet. We consider ourselves lucky.
  • Reflecting on your earlier albums, how do you feel they compare to your latest work? Due to all the reasons mentioned above, it is incomparable. We are essentially different bands with different people. Once again, we emphasize this not out of disrespect but to honor what has been done before.
  • What new elements or styles have you incorporated into this album compared to your previous works? Imagine a pirate movie from Disney or Marvel, and think of the soundtrack of this movie but with a metal approach. If our previous works approached this field, with Pirates II we’re truly going all-in with this “cinematic” soundscape.
  • Which track on the album are you most excited for fans to hear, and why? Honestly…all of them. Every song has its own emotional depth. We are curious about the reaction of metalheads to “Hellfire” and “Armada,” of Symphonic Metal lovers to “The Dead of the Sea” and “Where the Sky and Ocean Blend,” and of melody lovers to the ballads “Ashes to the Sea” and “Underwater.” We’ve already seen how much “Armada,” “Tonight I’m Alive,” and “Monsters” make our fans shake their heads. Each song has its own strength.
  • Can you share any interesting stories or challenges you faced while recording the album? A funny story is connected to the song “Collide.” This was the last track we wrote, and the songwriting happened on tour with Delain in the US in September 2023. I felt inspired and borrowed guitars and bass from Dushi and Herb, recording while our technicians prepared the stage. In a few hours, after the soundcheck, we asked Clemi to sing a few lines…and the song was there. When someone says “you truly can’t control when you get inspired,” they’re right!
  • How does each member contribute to the songwriting and creative process within the band? I did most of the writing, particularly for Pirates II. The foundational ideas for structures and melodies came from me. After creating a first draft, the song typically goes to Clemi. Together, we make adaptations, adjustments, or even rewrite parts to align perfectly with Clemi’s style. Once the song is finalized, Meek and Clemi pass it on to our producer, Felix Heldt, who also works his magic on it.
  • What led to the decision to incorporate symphonic elements into your metal music? We are fascinated by the infinite possibilities an orchestra offers to music in general. Just like in movies, a well-handled orchestra can be the soundtrack of happiness, sadness, joy, melancholy, fear, rage, anger, courage, relief, and peace of mind.
  • Are there any musical genres or themes you haven’t explored yet but would like to in the future? Even if it would be great fun, I wouldn’t enter a French restaurant asking for a burger, or an Italian restaurant asking for sushi. Similarly, I wouldn’t expect a veterinarian to perform surgery on a person or a plumber to win a swimming challenge. We made a clear choice: we are a Symphonic Metal band. This is our field, and this is where we want to excel, leaving other styles to bands that play them better than we could.
  • Can you give us any hints about future projects or directions for VISIONS OF ATLANTIS? It’s time to focus on live shows now. The album will be out soon, and we can’t wait to bring it live wherever possible. The “Armada” European tour is set for September-October. The next step is returning to the United States…then who knows? The dream would be to reach Oceania and Asia too, and of course, to get back to South America!
  • You recently completed a successful North American tour. How was that experience, and could you share some standout moments? The US is truly magic for us. There’s a feeling of freshness, and the enthusiasm our US fans show us is always beyond our expectations, always topping the previous tour.Every time we come back, we have more people attending the VIP session, more people dressing up as pirates, the loudness grows…the sky is the limit, right?
  • What has been the most challenging aspect of your musical journey so far? There are no challenges. Playing music and being part of the world of music is a dream come true for all of us. We can only be grateful, and if one day is harder than another, it’s just part of the game. We are blessed.
  • How do you balance your personal life with the demands of being in a band? That’s another aspect we accepted. We’ve all been doing this since we were kids. It’s just part of us, part of our lives. I can’t even imagine waking up one day without being in a band.
  • Final thoughts are yours. Thank you for your time! I can only invite everyone reading this interview to keep following us, as much more is coming, but not everything can be told. We’re extremely active on all social media, so for those who want to dream with us, the doors are always open!

Clémentine Delauney – Vocals
Michele Guaitoli – Vocals
Christian Douscha – Guitars
Herbert Glos – Bass
Thomas Caser – Drums



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