Introducing MGM’s ‘The Full Metal Profile’

In a new feature we will be exploring global metal with a focus on bands from countries with emerging or little known metal scenes. Our first series will include Afreet from Afganistan, Appearance of Nothing from Switzerland, The Hu from Mongolia, Motanka from Ukraine, The Tengger Cavalry from Mongolia, and Zygnema from India, with many more to follow.

Exclusive Interview with Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle, Machines of Grace)

But yes I’m definitely not opposed to the idea and as a matter of fact I’ve always stated that i would love to take part in such a reunion if it ever came to be, most definitely. And the organization knows this so my position is no surprise to anyone by now of course. Like a lot of bands that have had reunions, it’s the fans that ultimately can make things happen more than they probably know.