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Dynazty – The Dark Delight Review

When I first heard Renatus, I was simultaneously blown away, while also a bit nervous about whether or not Dynazty could top that, or even match it. While their previous two releases didn’t quite reach those same heights, they were still excellent, and now with The Dark Delight, the band has delivered another masterpiece, with some of their absolute best songs to date. Fans of the band are almost guaranteed to be pleased with this release, while anyone looking for some excellent melodic metal with a mix of heavy guitar work, excellent use of trance keys, slight power metal elements and a spectacular vocal performance, is highly recommended to give this a listen, as I don’t see any similar bands putting out a better album than this any time soon!

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Meteora – Tragedy of Delusion Review

Whenever I see the name “Meteora”, the first thing I think of is the second Linkin Park album, which I was always a fan of at the time, and still enjoy to this day. However, that name is now being used by a promising, up and coming symphonic power metal band from Hungary, who have recently released their second full-length album, Tragedy of Delusion. After hearing the album several times, I can say I am quite impressed. While the band certainly has some room for improvement, they already have their sound, which works quite well for them, and I think many fans of the genre are sure to be pleased with this album.


David Sanchez of Havok Discusses the Marking of Their New CD, V!

We had some tours planned but are now being canceled. We were supposed to go to Europe in late July but now waiting to find out if it will happen. It’s hard to say as it is so far away and things with the virus are evolving so quickly. We had planned to start touring the day the CD came out, but that is no longer in the cards for us. The songs would have been fresh to people; now, they have a chance to absorb the CD before seeing us.

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Queensrÿche Live at Mars Music Hall, Huntsville, AL on 25th of February, 2020

Encore comes at you with “No Sanctuary”, “Empire” and “Eyes of a Stranger” again if Tate had a little brother it would probably be Todd. But to be real here, I think Queensrÿche has managed to keep pushing forward in times of separation. We see it all the time when bands split, their famous vocalist leaves now what? You could call it quits, but to find a replacement, and start brewing your own ideas and just bring your sound more current is what was needed in the QR camp, I think most fans will agree with this. 

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Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil Review

Swiss Heavy Metal group Burning Witches are back with their third studio release “Dance With The Devil”. The female quintet has been established as a team of highly talented musicians with their self-titled debut album and “Hexenhammer” of 2018. These ladies have shown they can compose solid old school metal songs inspired by legendary bands of the genre, but on the other hand, they have managed to keep some musical individuality.

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My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion Review

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the English band My Dying Bride, defined as one of the doom metal masters, together with Paradise Lost and Anathema. The group has released thirteen studio albums in their long successful career. Even though everything has been put on hold due to very serious adversities, the British sextet has managed to return back to action with their fourteenth effort “The Ghost Of Orion” through label Nuclear Blast Records.

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Rekuiem – Time Will Tell Review

Time Will Tell by Rekuiem quickly became an album I have to add to my collection. There was something about it that I connected with from the first listen and stuck with me long after the most recent spin. This is just a damn fine Metal album, meat and potatoes music that you can just sit back and listen to for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’d love to hear even more from Rekuiem if it’s half as good as this offering.

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One Desire – Midnight Empire Review

During this crazy pandemic we’re experiencing right now around the globe it’s the right time for some more kick ass, feel good music. One Desire has returned to the forefront of melodic music, kicking the sophomore curse right in the face, proving the level of skill they have for writing some amazing songs. Midnight Empire takes what they started with the s/t debut and took it to the next level. This is a top contender for Album of the Year for me.