Interview with Patrick Kennison (Heaven Below)(Vocals, Guitars)

Patrick: We feel we can bring some of the arena bombast that music has been missing for awhile. Even though there are great bands already doing that, we feel our cinematic take on a live show and emphasis on lyrics & production keep it from being cheesy or “bad 80’s-like”.

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Perfect View – Hold Your Dreams

The overall contribution from each member makes it a more complete musical experience from top to bottom and the musicianship is sharp as nails. I think this one might be one of the strongest offerings that the Avenue of Allies label has released all year in terms of quality.

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Michael Harris – Tranz-Fused

Consider Lion Music a leader in the genre of world Instrumental/Shred musicians as they scoop up some talented players to release some interesting music when it comes to instrumental. Is a challenge when it comes to listening to instrumental music for me as I look for melodies and different rhythm changes…

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Circle II Circle – Consequence Of Power

I’m not sure how to describe it here because one of the reasons why I liked CIIC so much in the past was because of Stevens melo-dramatic symphonic set pieces in the compounds of previous past songs from the group. Things have changed here quite a bit.

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James Labrie – Static Impulse

James was mentioning this time around the sound is described as ““Gothenburg Metal with some progressive elements.” Well I do have to agree but is more modern, you have to be careful about that term especially when it involved bands like In Flames…

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Boulevard – Into The Street (Re-Release)

The infectious arena rock elements of Bldv has no doubt impacted so many bands in the recurrent scene, from such greats like Pride of Lions, Bad English, Dare etc. Every song featured here will eventually become a classic and deserve of attention spin after spin.

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Stratosphere – Fire Flight

The band is the brainchild of keyboard virtuoso Jeppe Lund who’s a huge fan of Symphonic Rock in general, and the influences are evident in the music here. Just because Goran Edman is involved as main vocalist here is a good enough reason for anybody to check this band out…

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Kens Dojo – Reincarnation

Some of the names that contributed vocals on Kens Dojo debut album here we’re none other then the great Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Micheal Eriksen (Circus Maximus), Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) and Nils K Rue (Pagan’s Mind) to name a few.