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Golden Resurrection – One Voice For The Kingdom Review

And overall that’s the feeling I get from this album: It serves as some very enjoyable and very epic neo-classical power metal that will definitely please existing fans as well as anyone else who enjoys this type of music, but it does feel like something is missing, and it certainly isn’t one of the best albums I’ve heard featuring either Tommy or Christian

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Tank – War Machine Live DVD Review

Is nice to have this on concert footage as I’m sure die hard fans of the band will be milking their cows to get their hands on this concert, for one the band still sounds freaking brilliant, Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans are bloody ablaze laying down the axes and drummer Steve Hopgood kick starts the battery with a tour de force.

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Full Tilt – Full Tilt Review

These guys could become the next big thing in CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE if they are lucky, but for now they are sitting nicely in the underground scene of the US state of Ohio. Hopefully not for long, because this is Hardrock the way it should sound like!

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Air Raid – Night of the Axe Review

, Air Raid have delivered a refreshing new age classic Heavy Metal sound that takes all elements of NWOBHM and Classic Metal all into one and then some volt of kick starting crunch. What a great record for true metal heads to enjoy.

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Dallas – Over The Edge EP Review

In the end, it feels like Summer has arrived finally and then I am not talking about the Weather in Europe, but about the arrival of this band called DALLAS and their wonderful EP ‘Over the edge’. Check them out at asap if you like any of the mentioned bands, because they might become the next big thing in Arena Rock!

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David J Caron – Thru Ever/Ending Black Review

Although it is quite an adventure to get through all the tunes, it is a pleasant journey with a lot of enjoyable tunes. Most of the songs are uptempo, radio-friendly and very AORish and as already mentioned a combination of the first GARY HUGHES album

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District 97 – Trouble With Machines Review

One particularly impressive thing about the album is how perfectly it flows even with all the variety in the songwriting. The best example of this is at the end of “The Perfect Young Man” as the song slowly fades away at the end, while the next song “Who Cares” starts out very slowly before eventually taking off, so it feels like a natural progression.