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Pinnick Gales Pridgen – Pinnick Gales Pridgen Review

As much as the musicianship, I’m really impressed with the production work of Mike Varney. Virtually the house producer for Shrapnel Records in the late 80s/90s, his handiwork is all over favorites of mine from Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman and more. But many of these productions lacked a bottom end or were a bit harsh on the hi-end.

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Helker – Somewhere in the Circle Review

I don’t know so many bands from Argentinia (Helker released already two albums with their native tongue in their country) so I can’t judge, if Helker is the best Heavy Metal band of this country, but I can say they are making music on a very high international level due to an amazing production, stunning musicianship and a unique vocalist.

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Geminy – The Prophecy Review

“The Prophecy” is a decent work, all musicians are really talented. There are no failed tracks at all though several songs have some boring moments and I would like to hear more driven material next time. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended for fans of traditional Progressive Metal.

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Manilla Road – Mysterium Review

In conclusion: when you’ve been in the game as long as MANILLA ROAD have, merely staying alive is something to be admired in and of itself….but if they’re going to continue crafting albums as good as this one, I hope they stick around another century or two: two thumbs way, way up from me!

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Shylock – Walking Tall Review

You see, there are some critical points to find on “Walking Tall”, but nevertheless there isn’t a real weak song on this record … and this is definetly a damn GOOD thing or not? Fans of melodic hard rock should give this a listen. It is Shylock’s strongest album so far and worth the money!

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Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance Review

They flow nicely into each other creating a wholly integrated sound that reflects the spirit of the album. There are elements here that Culto and Fenriz would never have dared to try before, for example, the epic, almost power metally(!) choruses on Valkryie which beg to be sung along to. Another example might be the gritty Zakk Wylde type vocals that dominate the albums third track Lesser Men.


Exclusive Interview with Robb Reiner (Drums) (Anvil)

The success of the Anvil movie brought the bands story to the world stage. As a result of that, the band has been able to perform in front of tens of thousands of fans over the past 4 years, not-withstanding the reality that all the band’s back catalog has been re-released and all the fans new and old are re-discovering and discovering the majesty of Anvils music.