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Majesty – Thunder Rider Review

As much as Majesty seem to pay tribute to their heroes instead of working to distinguish themselves, in Thunder Rider they have made something that is simply too epic and too entertaining for me to be anything less than fully impressed with it. So while this album certainly won’t appeal to everyone, for fans of classic metal who like their music to be fun and ridiculously epic, but especially for fans of Manowar who want to hear something similar, this album is highly recommended.

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Shakra – Powerplay Review

Bottom line is that they still rock hard and yes while Powerplay may bit a diverse in spots, the overall feel still tickles my tummy with Melodic/Hard Rock riffing and good times vibes. While it is perfectly clear that Shakra has evolved from just plain rocking tunes to in some tracks a more modern commercial sound, the overall feel of the record is still distinctively theirs and their sound in bulk has not changed.

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A nice long and worthwhile package with plenty of bang for your buck if you’re a die hard fan of this great band, a complete retrospect of one of the most underrated bands around that are still going strong even to this day. This boxset/greatest hits set is something I would recommend without hesitation to anyone looking to expand on the back catalog of these Dutch masters as well as to appreciate they’re complete discography with music that truly represents their style and craft

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Heartbreak Radio – On Air Review

Fans of old school early 80’s AOR with a touch of L.A. Westcoast in the slower numbers should keep their eyes peeled as we head off into 2013: if albums like this are of any indication, then we have a magnificent year ahead of us!

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Lionville – II Review

The end result is tight and keen on it’s predecessor but I’m not sure is better or worse then their debut. It does feel like the songwriting is stronger and the overall vibe is more mature as well as the production. Really looking forward to see what this project will come up next further down the line.

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Snakeskin Angels – Follow the Snake to the Core Review

Often, projects made of several musicians from different backgrounds end up either disappointing or just plain boring, yet Snakeskin Angels somehow manages to escape that unfortunate tradition and the final result is a pleasantly solid album of good old heavy metal. The album does seem to get a bit worn out in the second half but it still has a couple of killer songs and a very strong first half.

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Sons of Aeon – Sons of Aeon Review

Bottom line is, if you’re a melodic death metal and you enjoy the Finnish school of melodeath, please ignore the not-so-high rating and check these guys out, because they might be onto something pretty awesome in the future.