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Dokken – Broken Bones Review

” Personally, other than idiots with their heads up their ass, with music as strong as this and Lightning Strikes Again, who needs the band reformed?

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Psychothermia – Slash & Burn EP Review

Listen the skinny on these guys has never been that their not talented because they are obviously, the problem is that when you’re not signed to a big label is hard to get your music out there…

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Impera – Legacy of Life Review

These guys involved in this project are all pros and their experience should shock no one, hence the quality of the songs on record. JK Impera does a bang up on drums as well as putting this group together and apart from his oddball make up the music is pretty damn solid too

Mind Scans

Mind Scans Volume 7

As a Frank Zappa fan I’m inclined to enjoy some weird shit. This is impossible to enjoy unless you’re getting a crystal meth enema while simultaneously snorting laundry detergent. Electronic punk noise…Sonic Youth already did this and did it much better.

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Loudness – Review

Though the loss of Higuchi was a tragic one, the band has managed to forge on and keep his spirit alive with some excellent music. Fans that have stuck with them, those who hold on to the past, and new fans alike should be able to take some positive feelings from

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Arthemis – We Fight Review

there are bands like Arthemis, who can show you a different side of the genre, that will get your adrenaline pumping. I’ll be honest, though, this isn’t my favorite style, but I’ve heard some more aggressive power metal albums before that ended up being worthwhile, and thankfully, “We Fight”, the fifth full release from this Italian band, can now be counted as one of them.

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Dave Fields – Detonation Review

The needy gritty swoosh of “Doin’ Hard Time” is another heart breaker and dirt shattering lick, Dave’s vocals here are solid and he’s guitar vibrant.

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Cannon – Burning Love Review

If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands, then this is the perfect release for you. By taking the best parts of some of the best, classic German metal bands, they have forged a sound of their own that should appeal to all metal fans.


Exclusive Interview with Erik Martensson (Eclipse)(Guitars,Vocals)

Exclusive Interview with front man Erik Martensson from the Swedish Melodic Hard Rock band ECLIPSE’s. Tune in as he checks in and talks to Myglobalmind Magazine about the new record “Bleed and Scream” and all things Hard Rock. Enjoy!!!