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Jamie Alimorad – Cornerstone/Words Left Unsaid Review

If there’s one artist I would like to highly recommend at the moment then it is JAMIE ALIMORAD. Now this is how AOR should sound like! Forget all those European AOR wanna-bee bands and all the AOR label organised projects, because here we have something really original in the shape of a multi-instrumentalist/ singer/songwriter, who is able to write original catchy AOR/Melodic Poprock tunes in the style of the American/Canadian tradition of legendary artists like VAN STEPHENSON, RICK MATHEWS, RICK SPRINGFIELD, BRYAN ADAMS, BUTCH WALKER, BERNIE LABARGE, STAN MEISSNER and even STAN BUSH!

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The Best Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Albums of 2012 List

As a music writer, most of my time is spent ploughing through the endless new albums that come out, but nobody can listen to everything that is released, which is why there are so many discrepancy’s in people’s lists. That being said, I’ve spent the last two weeks re-listening to all of my favourite albums of the year and have somehow culled them down to fifteen metal releases and fifteen rock releases that I know will remain in my regular rotation well into the future.

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Helloween – Straight Out of Hell Review

Don’t make comparisons I won’t even dare this is Helloween in 2013 and yes they get it, they do and make music as freely as anyone and it has worked for them. You won’t hear any complaints from me on this one, great record to open 2013 with a BANG!!!

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Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall Review

But now I can honestly say they have return to shape in a BIG way with their 6th studio offering in “Seasons Will Fall” and what a fine return to shape it is. I don’t know if it’s the guitar sound but both Bill Hudson and Christian Wentz are terrific as the monster guitars come out in full pledge on the new record

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Steve Lukather – Transition Review

A nice album for fans of his solo works and for any genre lovers in Modern/Rock Melodic fields. It’s clear that Lukather likes where he is this time in age and that’ a good thing as it transits lucidly into this music.

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Pink Cream 69 – Ceremonial Review

I guess I felt the songs here for the most part didn’t grab me as much as past albums from Pink Cream 69, maybe is the guitars, the sound and the overall atmosphere just left a void without the punch of it’s hard rock edge of their previous works. I’m not going to sit here and say is a bad record because is not, but just not as impressed with this one as I thought I would be

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Lust Boys – Tall Glasses & Short Skirts Review

This is a band I would expect a lot more from in the coming years as they are just now beginning to touch down and discover what they can do, spread the news and welcome this effort with tight musicianship and catchy hooks.

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Each album is briefly reviewed by Martin, giving you a more detailed look inside the artwork and with the help of artist/designer Ioannis, who also designed some of the legendary album covers, he was able to interview the original designers, photographers, illustrators, and here and there the artists themselves to discuss the artwork and also the negative or positive effects it had after the release.

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Lancer – Lancer Review

Lancer have given us very little we haven’t heard before, so anyone preferring bands to constantly innovate and find new ways to surprise the listener, can skip this one. However, for fans of traditional heavy metal and old-school power metal who wish more bands would keep playing like they did in the 80