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Creation’s End – A New Beginning

If you needed more guidance then why not recruit one of the best drummers in the Prog scene and John Macaluso who helped produced the record himself, talk about a bunch of New York dudes huh? Anyhow this is what drew me to the table when I heard Macaluso was involved in the project I knew it would be high quality material.

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Mark Wilkinson – Shadowplay Book Review

I only hope that some of our readers can find room in their collection for what can only be described as one of the best album art books ever released and a true tribute to one the best artists in the field. Fans of MARILLION and FISH should really delve into this book as is does include some insights into what some of the more intricate album artwork represents.

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Moritz – Undivided

Now the bands new full length album hits the mark just right with an unexpected portrayal of smooth melodic rock grain and sand. The arena breezy lines of this new record grants Moritz a welcome back into a genre that have eluded them previously.

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Black Country Communion – Black Country Communion

I have nothing more to say about Glenn Hughes other then he’s one of the best all around vocalist in Rock and has been for a long time, and his performance in BCC is proof of that. The talents of Joe Bonamassa who has primarily been sticking to his blues influence rock in his solo efforts is seamless here. The other 2 pieces fit like gravy to mash potatoes..

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Skin – Breaking The Silence

The heavy artillery diesel of the crashing guitar riff in “Indestructible” is a warming track which sparks up the bottom half of the record. The last track “Born To Rock & Roll’ ends this come back journey in high gear as Skin leaves a good taste in my mouth with a perfect return to form from these cagy veterans of the UK rock scene.

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Dimitri – The Long War

The culmination of 22 years has finally let Dimitri put his influences into one full record and as far as the music is concerned it plays pretty well when you measure it on it’s own. You won’t have to go far to find where the similarities range because the opening track “The Long War” sounds like they synth keyboard sounds of The Final Countdown.


Interview With Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater) (Guitar)

On the first album we wrote some songs together and I´m sure that´s something we will do in the future as well. Most of the lyrics is about different peoples destiny,fortune or misfortune in life, the person in the songs story may be fictive or not.

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Michael Bormann – Different

Bormann continues not only his gifted songwriting prowess, but on “Different” he really pushes the careful boundaries of commercialism, pop, straight up rock and radio friendly tunes to spark a balance potion of the best of all those worlds.

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Star One – Victims Of The Modern Age

the sophomore release relies heavily on an obscure and abstract musically instrumentation that blows the first one out of the water. The fun parts of the first are still found in scarcity but with the amazing talent involved here once more is like hearing a giant wall of sound that will absolutely blow your ears off.