Tarja Turunen to Release Highly Anticipated Sophomore Release, What Lies Beneath, in the US on August 31, 2010 via The End Records

Video for First Single, “Falling Awake,” Debuts Today The End Records is proud to announce the U.S. release of Finnish superstar Tarja Turunen’s sophomore effort, What Lies Beneath, on August 31, 2010. The first single, “Falling Awake” (featuring Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch) will be released August 17 as a limited edition 7″ […]


Interview with: Tony Harnell (Tony Harnell and the Mercury Train, Starbreaker, Westworld, TNT) (Vocals)

I think I was a really good technician but sang way too high, I wish I had the realization that came in the mid 90’s a bit earlier, but we didn’t really ever have a top level producer during our hey day to give us that sort of direction and with that said, time brings maturity and I am always striving to get better.

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Voices Of Extreme – Break The Silence

Melodic Rockers Voices of Extreme burst back onto the scene with this anticipated release of “Break The Silence” their 2nd since their debut “Hypocrite”. And the new record featuring the talents of vocalist Don Chaffin and the master drumwork of John Macaluso.

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Stereo Transmitted Disease – Generation Nothing

STEREO TRANSMITTED DISEASE are a new band hailing from Philadelphia that play an interesting combination of the sleazy hard rock from days gone by and mix it up with a bit of a modern radio rock sound that ends up sounding somewhere in between Nickelback and Buckcherry.

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Nothing More – The Few Not Fleeting

The band plays an intricate and interesting brand of modern alt. rock that is covered in a sheen of progressive rock and a little smidge of the attitude of heavier punk pop in places, and really have done enough to stand out from the modern rock crowd with a fresh and invigorating sound that while totally radio-friendly…

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Clonecircle – Behind The Wire

Hey guys, have you heard of CLONECIRCLE? Don’t worry, until this album came across my desk neither had I. I was first struck by the awesome artwork on the digipack that is actually credited to the bands Vocalist/Bassist/ Keyboarder Martin Hellgren. The artwork theme follows throughout the lyrics booklet and really sets a scene that totally suits the music that it holds inside.

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Saints to Sinner – The Unveiling EP

Saints and Sinner hails from up north in Rhode Island and I had not heard much from this outfit until I received their promo material. They are a metal group lead by the female vocals of Desiree Villegas. The band actually has an interesting almost dreamy approach to some of the songs. The sound best described as modern metal with a progressive approach in places.