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Banshee – Mind Slave Review

I was already a big fan of George Call, and the work he has done here is some of the best in his career. His vocal approach is in the DIO mould, but he also manages to channel Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Tony Martin and others…

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Wintersun – Time I Review

listening to TIME I it is clear that mastermind metal composer Jari Mäenpää has spent that off-time making sure that this new album is as good as it possibly could be…

Album Reviews

October Rage – Outrage Review

I see no reason why with a little bit of luck OCTOBER RAIN can’t get themselves into the charts with a couple of these tracks. Music fans that demand uniqueness and intricacy will surely have to look elsewhere to get their thrills, but if you’re not afraid of a bit of radio-friendly modern alternative rock with a melodic flair you could definitely do much worse than this debut effort. Promising times ahead for these guys I feel….

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Soundgarden – King Animal Review

Everything you could want in a SOUNDGARDEN album can be found right here and in many ways it feels like such a natural progression from DOWN ON THE UPSIDE…

Mind Scans

Mind Scans Volume 9

Oddly enough I enjoyed Michael Anderssen’s vocal efforts on the FULL FORCE (reviewed above) album more than I do his contribution to his main band’s new album NEW ERA. Musically it’s the best album the band have released by far